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Dream team with the soul of racing and top-class sales force

It was announced that Honda World Co., Ltd., which operates TSR / Technical SPORTS RACING, and Mie Super Cub Sales Co., Ltd., which operates Honda Dream Suzuka, Honda Dream Yokkaichi, Honda Dream Matsuzaka, and automobile dealers, will become group companies. The company aims to increase new corporate value by leveraging each other’s strengths.

TSR / Technical SPORTS RACING won the world championship for the first time as a Japanese national team (FCCTSR Honda France) in the 2017/2018 season at the World Endurance Championship, and also won the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race four times, road race. It is a prestigious race that has won 10 wins in the 12 years since 1991 at the World Championship (WGP). It is also known for developing parts that make use of its technological capabilities.

Mie Super Cub Sales has built a Honda regular dealer network that boasts top-class sales power nationwide, and has many fans at the numerous racing machines exhibited at Honda Dream Suzuka and the annual events held.

In the future, Masakazu Fujii will be appointed as a special advisor to Mie Super Cub Sales Co., Ltd. (Honda Dream Suzuka, Honda Dream Yokkaichi, Honda Dream Matsuzaka). In addition, Yoshinori Sake will be appointed as a director of Honda World Co., Ltd. (TSR / Technical SPORTS RACING).

Mr. Fujii, who has a strong desire to liven up the racing world, and Mr. Sake, who is working to increase the number of motorcycle fans from local dealers, are likely to become a dream team.

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