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Traveling gives us the opportunity to look at ourselves from a different perspective. Unique hotels will open one after another this season. There is a superb extraordinary space that resets the brain and stimulates creative thinking. Kyoko Sekine, a hotel journalist who travels around the world chasing hotels, carefully selects the latest resorts for leaders.[Special Feature “Travel and Play”]

Hotel Terrestr

An extraordinary world away from the technological society. There is no glass in the windows, and you can enjoy a breathtaking sense of unity with nature. Get the ultimate vacation in a noise-free world.

Relax between the jungle and the ocean, between nature

Puerto Escondido (Hidden Harbor) is a beautiful Pacific coast beach resort that connoisseurs of Mexico admire. On the outskirts of the city lies an untouched jungle. “Hotel Terrestre” was born as if it were wrapped in the jungle.

A building reminiscent of ancient times

The ancient building is the work of architect Alberto Karachi. Made with only carefully selected local ingredients, it simply emphasizes the Mexican flavor.

The hotel, which opened in February 2022, pursues a minimalist and stylish design with a sustainable spirit. As the name of the hotel means “earth” in Spanish, the hotel uses 100% solar energy and eco-friendly building materials to express its strong connection with the earth, the sun and the sea. Most of the staff are also locals. When building a resort in a hot area, it is amazing that the coolness of the building is ensured by the sea breeze and epoch-making construction technology, instead of using air conditioners due to a change of mindset.

Mexican food made with local ingredients

Serving both locally sourced Mexican cuisine and innovative Mediterranean cuisine.

Each of the 7 (14 rooms) villas has its own pool. In addition, the harmony of natural materials such as soil, bricks, concrete, clay, and sand and Mexican original furniture emphasizes sophistication. As is not uncommon in Mexico, slatted windows have no glass. The bathroom is also outdoors, and the toiletries are locally made with a local copal scent (also used in divine rituals). In the afternoon, swinging in a hammock and taking a nap is Mexican style. It’s a vacation where you can play in nature.

guest room

one of the rooms. There is no glass in the windows, and the wind passes through the doors with wooden slats.

Designed by the proud Mexican architect Alberto Karachi, the hotel is near the artist-in-residence “CASA WABI” designed by the architect Tadao Ando, ​​as well as a workshop space designed by Mr. Karachi, and a hideaway restaurant designed by the same architect. There is also “KAKUREGA OMAKASE”, which won the US Design Award in 2010, and you can feel the scent of culture and art even in the great outdoors. You can’t really talk about resorts without knowing resorts in Mexico.

private pool

Private pool in each villa.

Hotel Terrestre
Address: Carretera Salina Cruz- Pinotepa, 71983 Puerto Escondido, Oax., Mexico
Number of rooms: 7 villas (14 rooms)

[Special Feature “Travel and Play”]

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