About implementation of proposal related to “BOOK TRAVEL 2022” outsourcing / Ibaraki City

Proposal overview

Business name

“BOOK TRAVEL 2022” outsourcing

Purpose of business

Former Ibaraki River Green Area, Central, IBALAB @ Square and Ibaraki Shrine side area as a place to enjoy “rest” and “busyness” through “books” to improve the attractiveness of the city and realize a rich life for the citizens Hold an event utilizing the park ground.

Business content

For planning and implementation of events that many citizens, mainly in their 20s and 40s, can get close to through “books” (setting up, operation management, security, safety management, preparation of equipment, etc.), advertising, PR, etc. A series of related operations.

Business period

From the contract conclusion date to October 31, 4th year of Reiwa

Budget amount, etc.

3,200,000 yen (tax included)

If the proposed amount (reference estimated amount) exceeds the budget amount, it will be disqualified.

In addition, when submitting the final quotation (final quotation) after the candidate is decided, the planned price shall be set below the budget amount.


Those who can participate in this proposal must meet all of the following matters.

(1) Submit the attached “Application for Bidding Participation Qualification for Goods, etc.” Only those who are candidates for contract shall be listed in the list of qualified bidders in the city. However, this does not apply to items already listed in the bid participant qualification list for construction work and surveying / construction consultants, etc. in the city.

(2) Ibaraki City Construction Work Contractor Nomination Suspension Guidelines (implemented on April 1, 2009) or Ibaraki City Goods Registration Contractor Nomination Suspension Guidelines (implemented on April 1, 2009) It is not a nomination exclusion period based on the outline of measures against gangsters such as construction work (implemented on April 1, 2013).

(3) Not a person who falls under the provisions of Article 167-4, Paragraph 1 of the Local Autonomy Law Enforcement Ordinance (Cabinet Order No. 16 of 1947).

(4) In the past 5 years, the contract amount must be 3 million yen or more in the same or similar business as this business.

Similar work: An event with the same target as this work and with the theme of “book”

Similar work: Set the same target as this work, or an event whose theme is “book”

Application for participation

Those who wish to participate should fill out the “Participation Application Form” (Form No. 2) and fill in the company name.

Also, submit the representative and the representative’s seal with the signature and seal and the necessary documents.

A required documents

  1. Business performance record (Form 2-1)
  2. A copy of the contract that can prove the achievements of 1.
  3. Business implementation system record (Form 2-2)

B. Submission destination: Ibaraki City Board of Education Education and General Affairs Department Central Library (1-51 Hatakedacho)

C. Submission deadline: 5 pm on Tuesday, June 28, 4th year of Reiwa

D. Submission method: Bring or mail (must arrive by submission deadline)


Announcement (PDF file: 385.9KB)


Proposal Implementation Guidelines (PDF file: 267.2KB)

Form 1[Question and Answer](Word file: 13.1KB)

Form 2[Participation application form](Word file: 14.2KB)

Form 2-1[Practical performance record](Word file: 13.3KB)

Form 2-2[Business implementation system record](Word file: 17.8KB)

Form 3[Notice of Participation Qualification Examination Results](Word file: 13.3KB)

Form 4[Notification of Decline to Participate in Proposal](Word file: 12.5KB)

Form 5[Proposal Examination Result Notification](Word file: 13.2KB)

Examination criteria and points (PDF file: 124.2KB)

Business consignment specifications (PDF file: 197.1KB)

Reference[Application for bid participation qualification for goods, etc.](Excel file: 145KB)

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