[CCI-sponsored free online seminar]CCI Lifestyle Digital CONNECT Vol.5: Gen Z’s Home Gohan Circumstances-What is Digital Media Effective for Promoting Ready-to-eat Meals?

CARTA COMMUNICATIONS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Taku Meguro, hereafter CCI), a group company of CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc., offers a free online seminar “CCI Lifestyle Digital CONNECT Vol.5: Z Generation House Gohan”. Circumstances-What is digital media that is effective in promoting ready-to-eat meals? “Will be held from 16:00 on July 5, 2022 (Tuesday).

Generation Z is attracting attention as a digital native and SNS native generation. There are many food trends sent from them, but what about Gen Z’s usual diet in the first place?

This time, CCI focused on Gen Z’s home meals and conducted a survey of information gathering conditions and purchasing mindsets for home-cooked meals (self-catering) and prepared meals (frozen foods, side dishes, etc.).
In this seminar, we will unravel effective digital strategies for Generation Z in the food industry from the survey results.
In addition, we will welcome Shuichiro, a popular TikTok creator who has surpassed the fastest 2 million followers of TikTok, as a guest to talk about food awareness from the perspective of Generation Z. Please join us.

Seminar outline

Title: CCI Lifestyle Digital CONNECT Vol.5
[Must-see for the food industry]Generation Z’s home-gohan situation-What is digital media that is effective in appealing for ready-to-eat meals?
Date and time: Tuesday, July 5, 2022 16: 00-17: 00
Venue: Zoom Webinar
* A viewing URL will be sent to the application email address by the day before the event.
Participation fee: Free
Application: Please register from the application form.
* In principle, we do not allow other companies in the same industry or competitors to participate.

[Seminar content]・ Generation Z insights and media utilization methods for ready-to-eat meals
・ Generation Z insights for self-catering, how to utilize media
・ Effective transmission method for Generation Z in the food industry

[Target]・ Person in charge of food clients at an advertising company
・ Those who want to make proposals by utilizing insights and media utilization methods related to Gen Z food in marketing measures.
・ Those who want to get hints on marketing measures from Gen Z food insights and media utilization methods.

・ Before the event starts, we will inform the participants of the URL for viewing.
・ The video and audio may be disturbed. note that.
・ Please refrain from recording / recording the contents of the distribution.
・ The end time may change.
・ Please refrain from posting the distribution URL to SNS etc. or spreading it by sharing it with others.

[Handling of personal information]The personal information provided this time will be handled by CARTA COMMUNICATIONS Co., Ltd. and will be strictly managed based on the company’s personal information protection policy.

Speaker profile

TikTok Creator

It’s been about two years since TikTok started on May 21, 2020, and the total number of followers on SNS is 3 million!
In Japan, the posting on “Vlog”, which introduces the completely new “daily life of university students” at that time, was in the limelight, and the average number of views exceeded 1.5 million.
A creator who quickly grasps trends and makes use of his strengths such as voice and tempo other than Vlog, and is making a leap forward in multi-disciplinary content including “verification” on a short video platform centered on TikTok.
In addition, he is also active in business perspectives and media, making use of his own detailed analytical skills and know-how.

Takaaki Funayama
Media Solution Division

Joined Opt Inc. in 2007 as a new graduate. Joined Cyber ​​Communications Inc. (currently CARTA COMMUNICATIONS, abbreviated as CCI) in 2011.
After working in charge of IT and business media, he was seconded to Dentsu Inc. He is engaged in web advertising sales for a major toiletry and cosmetics manufacturer.
After returning to work, after working as a team manager for Amazon, beauty / fashion media, and lifestyle media, he launched the CCI in-house project “CCI Lifestyle Digital CONNECT” in 2021.

Yu Mizuno
Media Solution Division

Joined Cyber ​​Communications Inc. (currently CARTA COMMUNICATIONS, abbreviated as CCI) in 2019.
Since joining the company, he has been in charge of media in the Lifestyle field. She is currently in charge of beauty and fashion media.

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