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bespoke sandals that give you a “sex appeal” just by wearing them!

It is very important what you choose for the sandals style that makes you feel like a kid if you make a mistake. Especially if you are thinking about wearing it in the city, the correct answer is to choose a pair that looks even more elegant. When it comes to that, you tend to wear safe things. Therefore, we recommend a pair of EC site “Safari Longe” that made a special order for . High-quality leather is finished with an impactful python pattern, giving it a seasonal look. If this is the case, you can get sex appeal just by wearing it!

A python pattern that casually colors your feet!

[Bespoke / Limited Items]Python pattern leather sandals 29,700 yen (Perryco Sunny / Safari Lounge)

Sandals with a luxurious mood are a gift of high-quality goat leather. Finish it with a python pattern to make a pair that can be claimed at your feet. Actually, here is a substitute that has only a ladies’ model inline. It’s a good idea to have a popular model specially made for men’s size by bespoke and limited to “Safari Lounge”. The sarcasm pattern that you don’t dislike is effective not only for enlivening the sense of the season, but also for sex appeal! The finish is perfect for walking.

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Pay attention to the texture of leather!

The finish is as if using genuine exotic leather. By daring to use goat leather, it is possible to demonstrate suppleness and elegant luster.

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The cross straps are velcro for a better fit. In addition, the design with a slightly protruding edge is proof of the double structure of the insole and outsole. By combining a comfortable insole that sinks when worn and an outsole with excellent cushioning, you will not get tired even if you walk for a long time. In terms of design, it gives a sense of volume to your feet and is well-balanced in combination with shorts.

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