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Entrance to

Entrance to “The Sanctuary”.

Premier Estate Properties

  • Wealthy Americans are worried about security and are increasing the cost of security.
  • The Sanctuary in Florida, where the wealthy live, has 24-hour patrols on land and on the water.
  • According to the agent who sells The Sanctuary, people who are worried about their safety have moved here.

How much can you do to protect your home? For some, the $ 24 security camera found on Amazon may be sufficient. But on the other hand, the only way to spend $ 30,000 a year is to set a curfew and live surrounded by a magnificent moat like in the Middle Ages, protected by 24-hour armed guards. There is also.

One example of the growing demand for advanced security systems among the wealthy is The Sanctuary in Boca Raton, Florida. Households in this gated community range in price from $ 6.5 million to $ 7 million, and each household costs about $ 30,000 a year. Yen) is spent on security.

It’s similar to the setting in the first movie of the Purge series, where the wealthy Americans stay in their homes with cutting-edge security technology to protect themselves from riots. Infrared sensors are installed on the walls of the community, and armed guards patrol land and water to prepare for emergencies.

“I can’t even enter a mail carrier”

Gerrard Liguori, a co-owner of Florida-based real estate company Premier Estate Properties and mediator of home sales at The Sanctuary, told Insider that wealthy people are buying homes. It is said that security is becoming more and more important.

“The Sanctuary” is a residential area with direct yacht access to the sea.

Premier Estate Properties.

“Even mail carriers can’t enter this community,” says Rigoli. “All the guards are armed. There are two gates, a main gate and a service gate, and when someone comes in, their ID is confirmed and their faces, cars and license plates are photographed. So you can see who entered and who left. “

“The roads and waterways in the community are patrolled by security guards 24 hours a day. Cameras are installed at the north and south entrances, and when someone comes in, they are projected on the camera. Check all the streets with the camera. And an infrared sensor is also installed on the wall. “

Guests have very strict limits on their stay time, from 9am to 4:30 pm daily. By the time COVID-19 was the most restrictive, non-residents were almost completely banned.

The price of this house is about 15 million dollars (about 2 billion yen).

The price of this house is about 15 million dollars (about 2 billion yen).

Premier Estate Properties.

Americans feel dangerous and afraid

The average American may think that such measures are overkill, but this reflects growing anxiety among the wealthy Americans.

In the United States, crime is on the rise in areas where the wealthy live. As a result, homes hiring private police have emerged in Chicago, and demand for safe rooms (hidden rooms to temporarily evacuate in the event of trespassing) is skyrocketing in Los Angeles homes. Millionaires who own superyachts have previously reported in Insider that they spend millions of dollars a year to turn the yacht into a “water fortress” and ensure its safety.

According to a survey by the home security research institute SafeHome, 49% of Americans said they were “feared” or “extremely afraid” of civilian riots, and 35% said they were afraid of robbery or burglary.

While many Americans are concerned about safety in group life, those who can afford it still want to equip their homes, said Ryan McGonagill, research director at SafeHome. Says.

“Comparing the wealthy and average income earners in the United States reveals two things: the wealthy have more physical wealth to protect and can afford to invest more in home security. “

Rigoli agrees that it’s only natural to ensure a high degree of security, especially for the wealthy who have migrated from cities like Chicago and New York.

“It depends on where they came from. Crime is on the rise in New York’s Upper East Side,” says Rigoli.

“Being targeted wherever you are. Depending on where you come from, you have different sensitivities to being targeted.”

“To avoid scenarios where disgruntled workers riot, but I don’t know what will happen. That’s why everyone is taking more precautionary measures when it comes to security.”

[Original: Infrared sensors, armed response, and a moat — take a look inside the’Purge’-style millionaires’ yachting enclave that even bans the postman]

(Translation: Fumiko Nakata, Editing: Toshihiko Inoue)

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