Emirates wins “Best Wi-Fi” and “Best Food & Beverage” in the Middle East category of APEX 2022 Regional Passenger Choice Awards

Emirates wins “Best Wi-Fi” for in-flight connection and “Best Food & Beverage” for in-flight meal service in the Middle East category at the 2022 APEX Regional Passenger Choice Awards® award ceremony in Dublin, Ireland Did.

This year, passengers selected from more than 1 million flights operated by about 600 airlines around the world will select each airline’s “seat comfort,” “room service,” and “in-flight meals and drinks.” , “In-flight entertainment” and “Wi-Fi” were judged in five categories.

We believe that the two awards recognize Emirates’ efforts to continue to improve the in-flight experience of our customers. With this award, Emirates has received a total of 30 APEX Awards since the APEX Awards began in 2010.

The “Best Food & Beverage” award recognizes Emirates’ always high quality, region-inspired cuisine and extensive drink menu. Emirates prepares 110 kinds of menus with about 4,600 recipes a year and provides them with attention to detail so that all customers can enjoy in-flight meals. We also offer a wide selection of fresh mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) and vitality boost drinks, as well as a wide selection of teas and coffees, as well as the finest champagne, finest vintage wines and spirits that sommeliers envy. doing.

Internet connection has become essential on a daily basis, both on the ground and in the sky. In 2007, Emirates was the first to introduce in-flight mobile calling service to all its aircraft. We now also offer Wi-Fi service on all aircraft, and we offer free Wi-Fi service to First Class, Business Class and Skywards Platinum members and above. We also have a great Wi-Fi plan where you can enjoy internet connection and chat services during your flight. Last year, we abolished the usage plan with a megabyte limit and started offering unlimited plans and hourly plans.

Emirates continues to invest in improving its leading products and services to ensure that the slogan “Fly Better” is always available to all travelers. A major refurbishment program will soon begin to introduce premium economy to 120 aircraft and enhance other in-flight equipment.

In addition, Emirates, known for its world-class air transportation services, is also highly regarded for its excellent ground transportation services. At the RoSPA Awards Ceremony held for the first time in Dubai the other day, we won awards in multiple categories.

Emirates, which won the RoSPA Award for the third consecutive year, was selected as a gold medal in three major categories this year: the Fleet Safety Award, the Health and Safety Award, and the Leisure Safety Award. Furthermore, in the Middle East sector, concrete achievements in operational safety, health and safety management system, and a wide range of corona measures to protect employees and customers were evaluated, and it was the first time in three years in the “Health and Safety –Team of the Year” category. I won the award for the second time.

Emirates operates more than 1000 vehicles in the United Arab Emirates and transports first and business class passengers, flight attendants, flight decks and other employees to work. Normally, the average number of runs per year reaches 2.5 million. We have also introduced safety standards and protocols for service providers to help premium customers comfortably and safely travel to and from the airport with Emirates’ drivered transfer service.

About APEX Passenger Choice Awards®
The APEX Passenger Choice Awards® recognize outstanding airlines in the categories of “seat comfort,” “room service,” “in-flight meals and drinks,” “in-flight entertainment,” and “Wi-Fi.” We have partnered with Concur®’s popular itinerary management app, TripIt®, to collect anonymous and neutral third-party customer feedback.

About RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Disasters)
RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Disasters in the United Kingdom) is a British organization that promotes and promotes safety related to transportation, home, leisure and education, including occupational safety and health. The annual RoSPA Awards evaluate and select safety and health management systems such as risk assessment, safety audits, and safety education based on strict criteria by independent auditors.

About Emirates
Emirates made its first service to Japan in 2002. We offer the most comfortable air travel from Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport to Dubai and other parts of the world. At the 2021 World Travel Awards, 4 of “Leading Airline First Class,” “Leading Airline-Brand,” “Leading Airline Lounge-Business Class,” and “Leading Airline Rewards Program.” We have won numerous awards for our products and services, including awards in the category.

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