“I want to give Osoroi’s clothing to 140 children who are about to start playing sports! !! 』Started crowdfunding | Press release of Sowers sports club

Sowers sports club (Location: Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, Representative: Keita Kihara), who runs a sports club, said, “I want to present Osoroi’s clothing to 140 children who are about to start sports! !! Will start on June 15, 2022 (Wednesday) at the crowdfunding site “CAMPFIRE” for the purpose of.

“CAMPFIRE” crowdfunding site

Sowers sports club 1

■ Club introduction

Even if a child starts playing sports, one in three people will quit within half a year, and once they quit, they may feel that they are not good at sports. We attributed this to a mismatch between children and sports, and we have established our club where you can experience eight sports in a subscription style. You can try your favorite sport in your spare time for 980 yen per month so that even double-income families and economically disadvantaged families can participate.

■ Purpose of crowdfunding

Most sports clubs practice specific competitions for the competition, but our club’s goal is to get children to find “the sports they like and are good at”, so the goal is to participate in the competition. plug. Therefore, there is no need to prepare uniforms, and if you pay a fee, there will be a gap between households that can be purchased and households that cannot.

However, I thought that clubwear was indispensable for safety and for children to enjoy sports with a sense of unity.

So, in the countryside of 140 people, I took advantage of the club, which has a relatively large number of people, and took on the challenge of crowdfunding with the idea of ​​putting a logo on the finished clothing.

■ About return

¥ 10,000: Posted on SNS as a wear sponsor company.

¥ 120,000: The company logo is posted on the front of the wear.

(There are returns for other parts. For details, see the CF website.)

¥ 400,000: Exclusive sponsor of one company for winter wear.

■ Project overview

Project name: For 140 children who are about to start sports

I want to give away Osoroi’s clothing! !!

Period: June 15th (Wednesday) -July 28th (Thursday), 2022


■ Company profile

Trade name: Sowers sports club

Representative: Representative Keita Kihara

Location: Higaino-cho, Komatsushima City, Tokushima Prefecture 773-0010

Established: April 2020

Business: Sports club management for elementary school students


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