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Dior unveiled the Cruise 2023 collection in Seville, Spain.

For Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s Cruise 2023 collection represents a journey of discovery and introspection. The location chosen as the venue for the presentation plays the role of a magnificent background that creates the look that makes up the collection, resonates with the history of the Maison, and pursues creative collaboration inspired by each region. The desire is projected.

The icon of this collection is Carmen Amaya, a female dancer called “La Capitana”. She danced freely without being bound by any rules, and she was a woman who expressed the essence of flamenco. As an artist who showed original and revolutionary movements, he was the first dancer in the field of flamenco to wear men’s costumes and fused strength and fragility through his own art. He continues to embody the multifaceted femininity.

From the “Bal à Séville” dresses from the 1956 Haute Couture collection, designed by Christian Dior, to the Spanish Square, which was built for the 1929 Ibero-American Expo and represents the rich and diverse culture of Spain. By rethinking the fashion-inspiring dress code, real and metaphorical places break the line between each other. The chiaroscuro found in Goya’s paintings and the striking atmosphere expressed through the words of the poet Federico García Lorca are the origin of the creative process, a mixture of charm, homage, interpretation and return. ..

Among the various inspirations, a look reminiscent of the Duchess of Alba, a legendary figure who enjoyed riding with Jacqueline Kennedy, wearing a short jacket and high-waisted pants diagonally, also appeared on the runway. To do. In addition, red, black, and Mantilla, a traditional Spanish veil, are also available. In addition, the numerous embroidered decorations that decorate the gown of the Virgin of the Cathedral of Macarena act like a sacred ritual in choreography, creating a symbolic image.

The iconic Manila shawl, on the other hand, tells the story and history of the community that created and wore it. The context of these nomadic items includes men’s pinstripe suits, suspender pants, silk lining waistcoats, white suits, Andalusian riding pants, short jackets with Brandenburg closures, and trims that make the silhouette look even thinner. It can be seen in a number of creations, such as boleros and sleeves that flare like a cape. The glossy taffeta material of red, yellow, ocher and black is used for the glittering skirt that symbolizes both Dior and Spain, and the calculated volume emphasizes the contrast. The laces come in a variety of forms, and the “bar” jacket comes in black velvet with a variety of gold threads embroidered on it.

This show was created by Maria Grazia Chiuri, an event where emotions and wills meet. In this collection, which conveys the idea that fashion is both everyday and extraordinary, creation celebrates the diversity of femininity’s vision.


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