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With a coin case, you don’t need a bag!

MAISON SPECIAL smartphone shoulder

From MAISON SPECIAL, a multi-way smartphone shoulder with a coin case is now available. I want to change the two types of straps, chain and leather, to suit my mood.

A chain-type smartphone shoulder that accents your outfit.

CASETiFY smartphone shoulder

The chain type that you can enjoy as an accessory as an accent of coordination is from CASETiFY. Available in two colors, silver and gold, a snake chain type that goes well with a chic style is also available.

With a climbing rope, you can feel a sense of security!

BEAMS MEN smartphone shoulder

A utility model created in collaboration with EXTENDED PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL, which handles products using climbing ropes, and BEAMS. It comes with ring parts, two carabiners, and Naskan, so you can hook keys, bottles, small lights, etc. There is no doubt that it will be active in the outdoors and festivals!

Enjoy aging with a leather smartphone shoulder.

CONVERSE smartphone shoulder

¥ 11,000¥ 5,500

Rakuten Fashion

CONVERSE is a mixture of domestic leather and velvet material. The more you use Nume leather, the more it tastes, and it’s fun to get your own color over time.

Small but reliable! A smartphone shoulder with a multi-use case.

AJEW smartphone shoulder

If you like multi-functionality, check out AJEW’s smartphone shoulder, which has a storage pocket and can be used by standing up your smartphone when you want to watch videos. The length of the strap can be adjusted according to the styling.

Compatible with smartphones other than iPhone!

CASETiFY smartphone shoulder

Casetify (CASETiFY) smartphone shoulders are available in 16 colors. The length of the strap can be adjusted freely and can be extended up to 150 cm. If you choose something that can be made longer, it will come in handy when you want to use it with a thick outerwear.

If you want to take advantage of the color of your smartphone, set it with a clear case.

KWMOBILE smartphone shoulder

KW Mobile (KWMOBILE) has a variety of cases and strap combinations. If you want to put a sticker on your smartphone or make use of the original color, select the clear case type.

* Prices and other information are as of the time of writing. Please check the sales page for the latest stock status and selling price, as it is subject to change.

Editor: Sakura Karugane

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