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A three-bedroom house stands on Hermit Island.

Hermit Island house with 3 bedrooms.

Cisneros Realty Group

  • An island of about 1 hectare on Lake Winnipesauke in New Hampshire is for sale for $ 3.35 million.
  • Called Hermit Island, the island comes with a three-bedroom house and a pier with four slipways.
  • Hermit Island is sold as a set with land on the opposite bank with a garage.

How about having your own island instead of fleeing to the island on vacation?Hermit Island on Lake Winnipesauke, New Hampshire, is on sale for $ 3.35 million.

Hermit Island is scalable in the middle of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire .?

Hermit Island on Lake Winnipesauke, New Hampshire.

Cisneros Realty Group

Hermit Island is located in Lake Winnipesauke, the largest lake in New Hampshire. According to property information, the island is 2.25 acres (9105 square meters) and comes with a three-bedroom house and four slipways. The island is sold with a garage and a small land on the opposite bank with three slipways.

The island is one of 54 properties on Lake Winnipesauke currently on sale. According to Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty, a real estate company specializing in properties in the Lake District of New Hampshire, the region ranges from $ 365,000 to $ 19.5 million. It is said that properties up to (about 2,614 million yen) are on sale.

According to Corina Cisneros, a real estate agent at Cisneros Realty Group, the island’s owners refurbished hermit island homes in early 2022 with floors, roofs, bathrooms, etc. The kitchen cabinet was renewed

The exterior of the home on the island.

Exterior of the house on Hermit Island.

Cisneros Realty Group

According to the property record, this is the first time this property has been put up for sale.

“This property has belonged to the Williams family for about 40 years,” Cisneros told Insider.

Insider asked the owner of the house for comment, but didn’t get a response.

The wood panel ceiling spreads throughout the living room.A large glass sweep-out window leads to a deck overlooking the lake

The living room overlooks the lake.

You can overlook the lake from the living room.

Cisneros Realty Group

There are several ways to get to Hermit Island. “You can swim, boat, or walk on the surface of the lake in the winter when the lake freezes,” says Cisneros.

There is a small dining room in the kitchen, which features exposed beams and high windows.

The kitchen and dining area.

Kitchen and dining.

Cisneros Realty Group

“The most attractive thing about Hermit Island is that it’s a private space but convenient,” says Cisneros.

“Your island is yours and no one can come to this island without your permission. And yet, when you need to go to a supermarket or a movie, take a small boat to the sea 150 feet ( All you have to do is cross (about 45 meters) and then get in the car. “

The Hermit Island house has three bedrooms, including the primary suite upstairs.

One of the bedrooms in the island residence

One bedroom.

Cisneros Realty Group

According to the property information, there are two bedrooms on the first floor.

There is also a shelter in the garage on the opposite bank where residents can stay if the weather is bad and they cannot cross the lake, Cisneros said.

According to Cisneros, the house has three bathrooms and a unique purification system.

One of the bathrooms in the island house .?

One of the bathrooms of the island house.

Cisneros Realty Group

According to property information, the building is “plumbed to use the infinite water of Lake Winnipesauke.”

Cisneros says Hermit Island can be divided into two sections, making it ideal for anyone who wants to build a second house.

The dock on the island has four boat slips

There is a wharf on the island where you can park your boat.

Cisneros Realty Group

According to Cisneros, in the future, one of the lots could be rented for vacation if the owner so desires.

“The feeling of being on your own small island is difficult to express in words,” she added.

“You drive a car on the other side of the river and do what you have to do, but when you put your car in the garage and cross the island, it’s like your own little heaven.”

[Original: A private island with a 3-bedroom home in New Hampshire’s biggest lake is listed for $ 3.35 million — check it out]

(Translation: Mayuko Oba, Editing: Toshihiko Inoue)

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