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“Cancelled culture”Is when a celebrity makes a socially inappropriate statement or action.From the massesIt refers to trying to eliminate from society by denying it mainly on SNS and calling for boycotts and cancellation of appointments due to a big backlash.

What is cancel culture?

“Cancellation culture” is when a celebrity makes a socially inappropriate statement or action.There was a big backlash from the masses, Mainly refers to trying to eliminate from society by denying it on SNS and calling for boycotts and cancellation of appointments. “Cancel” is“Cancel”Derived from the Japanese translation of “cancel” and “cancel”“Dismissal” or “dismissal”Means that.

The term “cancelled culture” has been used mainly in the United States since the latter half of 2019. These days, it’s a term used by American conservatives to describe what is perceived as a disproportionate reaction to politically misrepresentations. In addition, the word “cancel” itself has become familiar to us, and there is a movement among younger generations to use it as “slang” in their daily lives.

The difference between cancel culture and flaming

The Japanese words “flaming” and “cancellation culture” are similar, but there are some differences.For example, if a celebrity uses drugs, they generally make TV media, movies, and music in Japan.Companies punish drug usersTo do. As a punishment, celebrities will be suspended from performing arts activities and will refrain from selling products sold in the past.

On the other hand, in “cancellation culture”The voice of the masses is the driving forceTherefore, as a result of strong opposition from the public and some of the celebrity’s actions and remarks calling for boycotts and cancellation of appointments, entertainers are suspended.

Case of cancel culture

As examples of “cancellation culture”, we will introduce overseas cases and cases in Japan.

First, a typical example of cancel culture is taken up.Harvey Weinstein’s case that caused the “#MeToo” movement in 2017is. The case was accused by the New York Times of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulting many actresses and employees over the past 30 years. “He was stripped of his position by “#MeToo” and arrested by the New York Police Department.He was subsequently convicted, sentenced to 23 years in prison, and now in prison.

In Japan, “cancellation culture” does not seem to be as exciting as in the United States, but there are cases where it was banished from society due to the opinions of the general public.It was held in 2021Issues surrounding the Tokyo Olympics logois. People on the design team who were allegedly plagiarized the logo were banished and badly written in Amazon’s book reviews. Also, just before the opening ceremony, musician Keigo Oyamada was criticized for boasting about bullying his classmates in an interview with a magazine published in 1994.I was forced to resign.

Problems of cancel culture and future movements

There are many problems with the “cancellation culture” in which celebrities are expelled due to such public backlash. For example, for a controversial eventMake statements that denounce someone without confirming the facts, Many people express their support and spread by retweet without thinking about it. again,Things tend to flow in one direction in a short period of timeSome argue that it is too harsh to ruin the future with just one mistake. Instead of “cancelling” from such problemsShould be understood and educatedThere is also an opinion.

in this way,Remarks that casually post on SNS or retweet with sympathy have the power to move public opinionWith that in mind, you need to use SNS.

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