SPECIAL 1 ENTERTAINMENT ACADEMY, which has produced successful trainees of SM Entertainment, a major Korean office where many K-POP stars such as Girls’ Generation and NCT are enrolled, will hold a showcase!!

K-POP is making the world crazy. Popular dancer hana, the older sister of TWICE’s Momo, and producer/vocal director ROYDO, who wrote, composed, and produced Wanna One’s big hit song “BOOMERANG”. “Special One Entertainment Academy” where you can receive direct guidance from instructors and producers who are active at the forefront of the Korean and Japanese music world, incorporating styles.
The academy, which nurtures stars for Asia and the world, held a one-night-only special showcase “MAY THE DREAM BE WITH YOU” for performers who dream.
Delivering the first live performance by Academy trainees and debut candidates!!
The showcase was held at SOUND MUSEUM VISION in Shibuya, where Grammy Award winners such as Ariana Grande and Calvin Harris also stood on stage. The trainees were divided into several groups, and based on themes and performance songs, they performed by self-styling their hair, make-up and costumes. The set songs are mainly K-POP, but also Western songs that BLACKPINK sang when they were trainees.In addition to dance, vocal performances and performances using Korean are also included, and global standards are recommended. It was a stage where the characteristics of SPECIAL1 ENTERTAINMENT ACADEMY, which cannot be seen in other academies, came out strongly.

In solo performances, AYAKA, MIYU, MAHINA, MANAMI, MOMOKA, etc. showed off their singing and rapping skills. There was also a powerful dance performance by KOSUKE, who has experience as a trainee at a major agency in South Korea. In addition, the trainees challenged MC for the first time and interviewed the members who finished the performance. At the end, the announcement of each award and the performance by the team selected for the Best Group Vocal Award brought the entire venue together, creating a warm atmosphere.
At SPECIAL1 ENTERTAINMENT ACADEMY’s first showcase, “MAY THE DREAM BE WITH YOU”, the individuality of each member candidate = “SPECIAL1”, who dreamed and prepared for their debut, was directly expressed.

————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————————–
⚫︎Date and time of the new trainee audition starting in July
・ 6/26 (Sun) 16:00 start ~
・ 7/2 (Sat) 17:00 start ~
(We will review the entries one by one and provide feedback.)
Please apply from the link form.
○ Audition content
Face-to-face only.
(Those who can participate in face-to-face lessons at the studio in Nakameguro as trainees)
Up to 1 guardian can accompany you.
1) Song (with sound source, without microphone) *Please prepare the sound source so that it can be played even when offline without radio waves or Wi-Fi
2) Dance (with sound source)
Dancing and singing within 1 minute. Any genre or language. Please prepare songs with confidence.

[About result announcement] Pass/Fail Notification: Successful applicants will be notified by email within 2 days after the audition.
□ Audition venue: Nakameguro 2nd GS Building B1F, 2-9-35 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, 153-0051
One Cro Nakameguro Entertainment Studio

“SPECIAL 1 ENTERTAINMENT ACADEMY” will be held by WONDER & CLOCKS Co., Ltd., which has successfully put on shows for top Korean artists such as DEAN, GRAY (AOMG) DPRLIVE, as well as top artists from around the world such as Mark Ronson and Calvin Harris. operated.
For top instructors,Wanna One’s big hit song “BOOMERANG” (Over 70 million YouTube MV views)Written, composed and produced byProducer/Vocal Director ROYDOIncluding,Vocal direction and demo production for SHINee, EXO, NCT127 and many other K-POP starsWidely involved in music production inVocal trainer/chorus arranger Akihiro Kondo.In recent years, he has expanded into the United States and has worked on music for big artists such as MONSTA X’s IM, which is showing global success.Seoul producer duo LONG DRIVEis welcoming
Among the academy trainees who passed auditions in the past,Produces successful applicants to SM Entertainment, a major Korean office where many K-POP stars such as Girls’ Generation and NCT belong. again,Trainee appointed as a back dancer for eill’s “Tada no Gyaru” Choreography VideoAnd co-starred with the dance unit GUNMI, who choreographed BTS “Butter”,Trainee dance videos featured on ITZY’s official TikTok accountIn the year since the school opened on July 1, 2021, it has made many achievements and topics.
1. A unique curriculum that incorporates the training method of a Korean entertainment agency
2. Direct instruction by instructors and producers active at the forefront of Seoul and Tokyo
3. Korean language lessons by native speakers, from everyday conversation to Korean auditions
4. 90 seconds walk from Nakameguro station in Tokyo.Lessons in our large and beautiful studio of 100 square meters, which is also used by top artists.
・Official Instagram
・Official website
・Contact information

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