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Campaign overview

For those who newly subscribed to the general pack or changed the plan from the genre pack to the general pack during the campaign period, the difference between the general pack (2,640 yen) and the genre pack (1,980 yen) is “660 yen” (U25%) Is “330 yen”) for one month’s cash back or offset from the payment amount

Campaign period

July 1st (Friday) -August 31st (Wednesday), 2022

Campaign target

Those who newly joined the comprehensive pack or changed the plan from the genre pack to the comprehensive pack during the above campaign period
* Applicable to those who have used the past comprehensive pack trial campaign


  • Customers who subscribe to the comprehensive pack between July 1st and August 31st, 2022 will be eligible for cash back.
  • The difference between the total pack charge and the genre pack charge is 660 yen (330 yen for U25%) for the monthly charge for the contracted month in July or August, and the cash back or payment amount after the campaign. (The actual time of offset depends on the payment method. For details, please contact your payment company two months after the contract).
  • Those who have changed their plans from the 1,100 yen genre pack (soccer & futsal, table tennis, climbing pack, 550 yen for U25%) to the comprehensive pack are also eligible for this campaign, but the amount to be offset is 660 yen (650 yen). U25% will be charged 330 yen).
  • The only payment methods eligible for the campaign are “credit card payment (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club)”, “carrier payment (au)”, “carrier payment (docomo)”, and “Rakuten Pay”. .. Please note that customers who select “Carrier payment (SoftBank)” as the payment method are not eligible for this campaign.
  • If you cannot cash back due to the payment method, such as when your credit card has expired or you cannot use carrier payment due to carrier change, you will not be eligible for the campaign.
  • If the customer who signed up during July continues as it is in August, the cash back will be applied only for July, and the general pack charge will be applied for August.
  • If you wish to change to the genre pack or cancel the contract from the next month onward, you will need to complete the procedure yourself.
  • All listed prices include tax.

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