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[Hiroki Motoki]The Tokyo Olympics made the Swedish national team serious and felt a response!

Hiroki Motoki is responsible for the attack of the Japanese national handball team with a strong spin shot from his left arm. Southpaw Ace, who transferred to the powerful Zeekstar Tokyo from this term, aims for further heights with the response in the battle that shortened the distance to the world.

[Hiroki Motoki]The Tokyo Olympics made the Swedish national team serious and felt a response!July 26, 2021
Tokyo Olympics Round 2 of the qualifying league
VS Sweden

Know how to fight the world,
It will lead to the next Paris Olympics!

Comet Japan has won the historic victory for the first time in 33 years since the Seoul Olympics, although it missed the quarter-finals at the Tokyo Olympics. This Olympics was also a special event for Hiroki Motoki, who is the main force of the attack in the team that won the victory that leads to hope. In particular, the second round against Sweden was said to have become a major turning point in the competitive life.

“Sweden, who became an opponent, is a powerful country that is second in the world championship. I was able to compete evenly with that opponent by repeating the offense and defense of tying or 1 point 2 points difference until the middle of the second half. I had decided the score to be decided firmly, but in the end I dropped the game due to a small mistake. I regret the defeat itself, but it is a close match of 26 to 28 against the second place in the world. It was a match that gave me great hope in the sense that I was able to do that. “

It is said that there was a moment when he felt an unprecedented response in the match against a powerful country.

“Sweden players played with a smile and plenty of time until the first half, but by the time the second half started, the color of their eyes changed. Sometimes the players quarreled with each other. The scene is also. Being able to rush the world and get serious about it has led to confidence. “

Motoki, who plays the light wing in the Japanese national team, is a player who has both speed and technique. He is good at spin shooting that sharply cuts into the opponent’s goal, but he worked on the evolution of the play style to fight the world and challenged the Olympics.

“I’m not a speedist myself, but I’ve always had a playstyle of running and scoring points. What I worked on for the Olympics was to keep it unchanged and train my physical strength. Going. I have built a body that can run firmly even though I have the strength to stretch my body even in defense. Therefore, I was able to compete evenly with the world’s top class players through intense contact play throughout the Games. What’s more, I was able to run without change even when my body became big. At the same time as I realized the importance of physicality again, I think it was a plus that I got the response that I was sure that I had arrived. “

Since being elected to the U-19 Japan National Team when he was in high school, he has been fighting with the Hinomaru on his back in each age group. As a representative of Japan, he was able to win until the World Championship qualifying, but his participation in the Olympics has not been fulfilled since the 1988 Seoul Olympics. That is why the Olympics have a special feeling.

“Because the number of slots for the Olympics is small, participation in the main race is a very narrow gate. When I was young, I was purely thinking of going to the Olympics, but how can I participate in the middle? Even so, as I was looking forward, the Tokyo Olympics were decided and I was able to go out in the host country frame. From there, everyone in the team, including myself, was conscious of it. The team itself was appointed by the famous director Dougle Sigurdson in 2017. I got a response at the Tokyo Olympics that I participated in while the level was improving. I think this was a big event. “

Currently, he is looking at the Olympics as a clear goal.

“I think that being able to compete closely at the Tokyo Olympics has made it easier for everyone to understand how to fight the world. Many players, including myself, feel that, so it’s easy to get into the race. It may be the situation. In fact, I think that the number of players who want to get out next time is increasing. “

At the same time as the team grows, it seems that the way they face their own competition is changing.

“In the past, when fighting against a strong overseas team, it was natural to have a match like an elementary school student and a college student, and it was not uncommon to lose by 20 points. Now, it is becoming more and more close. I feel growth there, and it’s fun to do it. In the Asian region, I’m showing off my strength as a high-ranking team, and I’ve been able to win the world championships by myself, so it’s time to ride. I think that’s the case (laughs). I myself now play a role in raising young athletes, but as I got older, I became more hungry for the Olympics. After all, that unique atmosphere is It’s a special thing that is completely different from other competitions. I want to see anything at the Paris Olympics! “

[Hiroki Motoki]The Tokyo Olympics made the Swedish national team serious and felt a response!Handball player
Hiroki Motoki
Born in Ibaraki prefecture in 1992. In 2009, he was elected to U-19 while attending Fujishiro Shisui High School. While he was a student at Nippon Sport Science University, he won the Outstanding Player Award at Incare for the third consecutive year. He joined Osaki Electric OSAKI OSOL in 2013 and has become a representative of Japan. He became an MVP in the Japanese league last year and joined Tokyo Tristars this term.

● Tokyo Tristars match schedule / member / game_list

Saturday, July 2, 2022
47th Japan Handball League
Siegstar Tokyo VS Daido Steel
Venue: Arena Tachikawa Tachihi
Starting time: 17:00

[WBA / IBF / WBC World Bantamweight Championship Unified Battle]Naoya Inoue VS Nonito Donaire
[Hiroki Motoki]The Tokyo Olympics made the Swedish national team serious and felt a response!“Actually, the color scheme of the gloves is the same as the first match between Inoue and Donaire with fists. The facial expressions and movements are the same as the previous match. From these details, the two boxers I’m drawing it with the hope that you can feel the story behind it. “

Powerful champions who do not need explanation

Naoya Inoue and Nonito Donaire rejoined their fists in the unification of the three world bantamweight titles. I drew two boxers with a momentum that seemed to go beyond the angle of view like a ring.

“Inoue draws a right straight and Donaire draws a left hook. I wanted the world to stop without being buried in the huge amount of images and information flowing in the recommendations on SNS. At the moment when I saw the uplifting feeling that this battle to pay attention to, I was conscious that it would be transmitted without explanation. Like the previous battle, while reproducing the power of the two bodies that will probably finish to the limit, fists and fists It gives a sense of dynamism as if they collide with each other. “

It seems that there was a happy reaction after drawing.

“When I saw the work posted on SNS, Inoue retweeted it directly. I had a strong desire to liven up this one race, so it was a work that conveys that feeling to those who saw it. I’m really happy and honored. “

<img src =Artist
Dai Tamura
Born in Tokyo in 1983. In 2016, he won the overall championship at the ISCA Caricature World Championship, which is a world competition for caricatures held in Arizona. Her work depicting her athlete attracted attention on SNS, and currently has more than 200,000 followers. Among them are NBA players. She boasts an overwhelming popularity overseas. Instagram: @ dai.tamura

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Illustration = Dai Tamura = Takumi Endo
illustration: Dai Tamura text: Takumi Endo photo by AFLO

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