Yusuke Tomibayashi (No.5 Mach Vehicle Inspection Air Buster MC86 Mach) “Half the feeling of relief, half of the regret” is the current feeling “| Motor sports column

Car 5 Mach Vehicle Inspection Air Buster MC86 Mach

Tomibayashi waving from the podium (left photo)

“SUPER GT that moment” where the driver himself looks back on what happened in the race. We will “dig deep” into the secret story of the race and the driver’s true story, and deliver it in the video and column!

The No. 5 Mach Vehicle Inspection Air Buster MC86 Mach, which finished 3rd in the GT300 class in Round 3 Suzuka. In the race, the team and the participating vehicles were good at the tire-free operation, and the checker was in 2nd place. I was delighted with his podium for the first time in two years. Yusuke Tomibayashi, one of the drivers of such a team, has just made his debut in the SUPER GT / GT300 class. He is already known in e-sports, but his participation in SUPER GT was made possible by “execution of words”. He talked about his breakthrough in Suzuka and his struggle in the real race, but the story went in an unexpected direction …

──In Suzuka, the third race of the debut year series, I stood on the podium for the first time. Please tell us your feelings.

Yusuke Tomibayashi: I couldn’t qualify for the opening round due to my mistake (* 1), and I was able to run fast in the second round, but I couldn’t do it again with “four escapes” (* 2). It wasn’t like that. While it was really annoying to the team, Suzuka was a very good course for both Team Mach and Mother Chassis, so to be honest, at least on the podium … Hopefully I will win. In that sense, at least … I was happy to be in second place, but when it came to second place … You might feel like “I’m glad I got the award if I was in 3rd place”, but in that sense, I also feel that if I was in 2nd place, I would have won by one more (rank). “Half a relief, half a regret” is the current feeling.

* 1: Although he was in charge of Q1 at the debut match in Okayama, he spun at the start of the Atwood curve during the outlap. Invited the red flag of the session to be interrupted. The car, which hit the wall and severely damaged his left front, was repaired until 9 am the next morning for the final.

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