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2022.06.30 NEW

A pocketable nylon jacket that is too convenient to use even in the summer!

Even in the extremely hot summer, in the mornings and evenings of summer resorts, sudden thunderstorms, the sea and mountains visited for leisure, at the moment when it gets colder than expected, I wonder if I regret that I should have brought one. .. However, it is troublesome to carry around the haori. In such a case, it is convenient to have a pocketable nylon jacket!

Among the pocketables, the ones I collected this time have a pocket somewhere in the body, which can be rolled up and stored compactly. With this, I lost my pouch! It’s not a shame. It’s a convenient convenience for you carelessly. There are various ways to put it together, so check out the next 6 brands right away!


70,400 yen (Canada Goose)

You can play a lot even in sudden rain
A strong ally for field play!

Uses tridurance fabric, a three-layer structure material with high protection from severe rain and wind. It has good breathability, and it is also attractive that you can get a dry and comfortable wearing feeling. In addition, the fabric has stretchability, and thanks to the sleeves and armpit gussets created by draping, it fits neatly into active movements. If you store it in the hood, it is convenient to carry!


37,400 yen each (Woolrich / Woolrich customer service)

For mountain walks where the weather is unstable
The rain jacket you want to wear!

An ultra-lightweight all-season rain jacket. The 40 denier fabric on the surface uses recycled nylon Taslan yarn for the weft, plus a breathable waterproof treatment with plant-derived ingredients. In addition, it is the first place that is thoroughly environmentally friendly, such as applying a PFC-free water-repellent finish that does not contain fluorine compounds. A shoulder type that can be easily carried when not worn by storing it in a large back pocket that also has a ventilation function!

[ザ ・ノース・フェイス]

Harua Jacket ¥ 19,800 each (The North Face / Goldwin Customer Service Center)

A light and silky comfortable jacket
It can be folded and used as a sacoche!

It is light enough to be slightly transparent and uses recycled nylon that is resistant to friction and catching. Thanks to the electrostatic care design that suppresses the generation of static electricity, you can wear it comfortably without sticking to your body. If you fold it in the left side pocket and pack it, it will be compact in no time! An excellent item that can also be used as a sacoche by attaching a strap.


37,950 yen (Battenwear / Ariga International)

One of the brand’s classics
Full of useful functions!

The classic anorak hoodie that protects you from the rain and wind is made of water-repellent Taslan nylon. Although it is a cover type, it is easy to put on and take off thanks to the zip on the right side. Because it is an anorak type, it has a large kangaroo pocket on the front, but it can be stored here when folded neatly. It is a specification that considers usability in the outdoor scene where you want to make your luggage as small as possible.


19,800 yen (Lululemon)

Made of soft and functional material
Supporting a comfortable outdoor life

A soft shell hoodie mainly made of ripstop material. The woven air mesh, which boasts various performances such as breathability, abrasion resistance, and water repellency, is used on the sides and under the arm to pursue ease of movement. If you put it in a mesh material pocket on the inside of the left sleeve, you can store it so compactly. The relaxed fit makes it easy to use as a substitute for rainwear.


53,900 yen (Duno / Toyoda Trading Press Room)

An elegant jacket is also packable !?
You can wear it conveniently without worrying about wrinkles!

Don’t miss the tailored jacket with a lapel. The fabric is an original high-tech material with high stretchability and excellent water repellency and breathability, which is a mixture of polyurethane and nylon. A material that is easy to carry and wrinkles are not a concern just by putting it in the pocket attached to the left front hem. When it comes to that, it’s convenient when you suddenly come out to the public!

Photo = Koki Marumasu Styling = Takumi Tagawa = Yuta Yagi
photo: Kouki Marueki (BOIL) styling: Takumi Tagawa (remix) text: Yuta Yagi

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