[Holding Report]June 19, 2022 (Sun) National High School Band Championship Kanto Qualifying “TEENS ROCK in TOKYO” | Ifness Entertainment Press Release

This event was held as a Kanto qualifying round for “National High School Amateur Band Championship TEENS ROCK 2022 GP FINAL IN HITACHINAKA”. Of the 34 entries, 10 performed through the first round of judging.

“TEENS ROCK in TOKYO” is a project aimed at providing a place for high school musicians who are refraining from activities to make presentations and expressions, and to create a place for high school musicians to step up.


We invited three judges, Aoyagi Tomoaki (OTONOI Co., Ltd. CEO Composer / Producer), Kain (Vocal / Arranger / Sound Engineer), and Rio (Guitarist / Producer), to judge on four evaluation axes. I did it.

Three awards, Grand Prix, Semi-Grand Prix, and Excellence Award, will be given to the award, and only the Grand Prix winning band will be able to advance to the final tournament, “National High School Amateur Band Championship TEENS ROCK 2022 GP FINAL IN HITACHINAKA”. was.

In the final tournament, high school band who won from the district qualifying held in 11 districts nationwide compete for the right to participate in “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2022”, in order to get the right to participate in the big stage called Rockin. As an important district qualifying round, the attention was high even before the event.



This time, the crowdfunding that raised the holding budget was able to collect support of 760,000 yen.


  • LIVE PHOTO / photo by Komatsu

The day started at 12:30 in fine weather. The first performance was as a guest artist, “Qujila Yolunomachi” participated for a high school band. With a performance full of world views, the venue became a hot space at once.

[Guest appearance]Whale Night Town Twitter @Qujila_band

A 5-piece band formed by high school classmates in 2017 in Tokyo.
He has appeared in various music contests since high school and also appeared in SUMMER SONIC 2019. This time, we had you appear as a guest band. The fusion of fantasy and real lyrics and fantastic sounds was very fascinating.

▲ Aimiru Chawanmushi Twitter @mirutyawa

JYOJI ROCK U16 Kanagawa Prefectural Fujisawa Comprehensive High School 2nd grade 4-piece band that has won the highest award. It was a addictive performance with a powerful performance and a catchy vocal and unique singing voice.

▲ Coffee sugar

JYOJI-ROCK U22 GRAND PRIX A 4-piece band from Chiba Eiwa High School, which has won the NEO Clean Refre Award at the 2022 Spring Tournament. A refreshing youth band. Goose bumps came from the interaction between the two male vocalists.

▲ Flower patina

JYOJI-ROCK U22 GRAND PRIX 2022 Spring Tournament NEO GRAND PRIX Grand Prix and other awards in the past. Chiba Eiwa High School 3rd grade band. It was a powerful performance from pop songs to moist songs. The vocal core singing voice was fascinating.

▲ Coco deer Twitter @cocola_deer

Winner of TokyoMusicRise 2022 spring. A 3-piece band, a second-year student at Saginomiya High School. The fashionable and rhythmic performance consisting of keyboard and guitarless made me feel something delicate unlike other bands.

▲ The Bee’s Knees Twitter @ thebeesknees_4p

Tokyo Music Rise2021 summer Grand Prix winner, Hosei High School sophomore “bee and honey” 4-piece band. I felt that the dignified appearance was different from other bands. I felt the strength of the song and it was very responsive.


From Tokyo, MIRAIJI is a project-type band of all high school students. The skill of each individual was united, and it was a masterpiece performance like a professional concert.

▲ Descartes Twitter @dekaruto_band

National High School Light Music Club Opposition Band Battle 2021 Winter Team Best Player Award 2nd place in the guitar category in the past, Tokyo Gakkan High School 4-piece band. The treble of the vocal was very beautiful. A sense of unity was born with the costume based on white.

▲ Scarabaeus Twitter @ Scarabaeus182

Rikkyo Niiza High School 3rd grade, 6-piece band. With guitar rock as the axis, various musical elements were incorporated, and the performance that combined the unique sound and powerful vocals was very impressive.

▲ Anomala cuprea Twitter @dougane_bui

Tomoyu Gakuin High School 2nd grade 5 piece band. It was a performance where you can feel the innocence and strength of words unique to high school students.

▲ Renette Twitter @reinette_band

Metropolitan Musashigaoka High School 2nd grade 4-piece band. The powerful and fresh voice of the vocals was perfect for the last. He showed a fun performance such as excitement with the announcement of Space Mountain.

In the judging, the judges seemed to be very worried while there were four awards: Grand Prix, Semi-Grand Prix, Excellence Award, and Audience Award.

This time, MIRAIJI won the Audience Award and the Semi-Grand Prix at the same time. The award for excellence is flower patina. And it was Descartes who won the Grand Prix.

Each of the 10 bands had its own characteristics, and it was a wonderful performance that I couldn’t think of as a high school student. Thank you to all the performers who have practiced a lot for this day. And finally, thanks so much.


▲ Descartes selected for the Grand Prix

▲ MIRAIJI selected for the Semi-Grand Prix and Audience Award

▲ The flower patina selected for the Excellence Award

Organizer: TEENS ROCK in TOKYO Executive Committee
Operated by: IFNESS Entertainment GK / Japan Beer Pong Association / Student Group E4
Official Sponsor: Japan Beer Pong Association / Omotesando Sushi Rei / Aizawa Manabu /
Sponsor: My Vine Me by Gluten Free Tokyo / DENSE
Sponsor: OTONOI Co., Ltd. / XYOU Co., Ltd.
Date and time: Sunday, June 19th, 12: 00-22: 00
Number of participants: 250
Participation fee: Free (drinks not included)
Venue: Orb Shibuya, YOUTUBE free delivery

Mr. Aoyagi Tomoaki (Composer / Producer, Representative Director of OTONOI Co., Ltd.)

Since 2009, he has composed video music and advertising music for CM, WEB, games, events and promotions, released original music and produced sound design for art projects. OTONOI Co., Ltd. was established in 2021 to further expand the range of activities.

Kain (Vocal / Arranger / Sound Engineer)

Started posting videos on video sites from 2011. She has participated in many online scene music festivals held at Budokan, Saitama Super Arena, Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium, etc. His 1st album “Kaeri Michi” is on the Oricon top 10. Since 2015, he has been active as an arranger, mix and recording engineer, and is in charge of sound making for many famous artists. The total number of views of videos that participated in mixing, arrangement, etc. has exceeded 3 billion times, expanding the range of activities in various fields.

Rio (guitarist / producer)

Started activities in 2000 with his own band. At the same time, he produces Maximum the Hormone, provides music to SCANDAL, and trains him. Since 2012, he has participated in RIZE as a support guitarist. He has been expanding his activities in recent years by collaborating with various artists.

The following 4 items were judged based on a maximum of 25 points each.

★ Performance power
Audience-conscious performances, costumes, MC, and other live performances will be the criteria for judging.

★ Technical capabilities
The judging criteria are the basic ability and expressiveness to play the instruments of each part.

★ Promotional power
Evaluate whether the image of the band is conveyed. Judging criteria are the ability to produce oneself, such as artist photographs with impact and originality.

★ Creative power
The judging criteria are the songwriting ability and songwriting ability.


This time, high school students played a central role in creating the event.

Tournament Chairman: Shuichi Suwa (Chairman, Beer Pong Association)
Executive Committee Chair: Rin Nakamura (IFNESS Entertainment GK / Representative / 3rd year high school student)
Executive Committee Chair: Shizuma Kushida (Student Society E4)
Vice Chairman: Genki Yatsu (IFNESS Entertainment GK / 2nd year high school student)
Committee member: Hatsui Saito (Student society E4)
Committee member: Shiori Yoshino (Student society E4 / 3rd year high school student)
Committee member: VII Nogami (IFNESS Entertainment GK / 3rd year high school student)
Committee member: Shota Sato (IFNESS Entertainment GK / 3rd year high school student)
Committee member: Katsutaro Yusa (IFNESS Entertainment GK / 2nd year high school student)
Committee member: Chirei Akiyama (IFNESS Entertainment GK / 3rd year high school student)
Committee member: Akira Kijima (IFNESS Entertainment GK / 3rd year high school student)
Committee member: Akira Fukuda (IFNESS Entertainment GK / 3rd year high school student)
Committee member: Amemi Okunaga (IFNESS Entertainment GK / 3rd year high school student)
Committee member: Rion Hirayama (IFNESS Entertainment GK / 2nd year high school student)
Committee member: Mai Arai (IFNESS Entertainment GK / 2nd year high school student)


Instagram @teensrockin_tokyo
WEB https://teens-rock.tokyo/

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