Kyoko Koizumi In a good mood with a heated cigarette in one hand … “Smoking on the street” during the hard work I witnessed |

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“I would like to see what kind of results will be obtained when the turnout rises to at least half, 70%, 80%. What kind of world will be answered at that time? I think it is. “

The House of Councilors election, where votes are counted on July 10. Kyoko Koizumi (56) talked about her thoughts on voting while the low turnout of Japan, which is about 50%, is being talked about. This is a statement in a video released on June 21 as part of the “VOICE PROJECT” where celebrities call for a vote before the upper house election.

Koizumi has been actively disseminating information to politics, such as posting multiple times on Twitter in May 2008 with the hashtag “# I will protest the bill to amend the Public Prosecutor’s Office Law.” She, on the other hand, has been away from her actress business, as she hasn’t appeared in terrestrial serials since ’18.

However, this year, the 40th anniversary of his debut, he has returned to the front stage brilliantly.

“From February this year, we will hold a national hall tour for the first time in 31 years, and Kyonkyon is still popular, such as selling out all over the place. Furthermore, Mitsushima will be on the drama” First Love Hatsukoi “that will be distributed worldwide on Netflix on November 24th. He is also refraining from acting as an actress, such as appearing in the role of the mother of the heroine played by Hikari (36). Masu “(TV station official)

While her activities as a singer and actress stand out, she is also active behind the scenes. She is also focusing on the production business as the representative director of “Tomorrow’s Day Co., Ltd.”, which she established in 2015 as a stage and music planning and production company.

The stage most recently produced by “Tomorrow’s Day Co., Ltd.” was “Aozora is a proof of regret” that was performed in Tokyo and Osaka from May to June. His lover Kosuke Toyohara (56) also appears in this. It seems that Koizumi’s efforts were considerable.

“After the performance, Mr. Koizumi himself stood in the lobby with the staff and sent off while expressing gratitude to the visitors. Mr. Koizumi also made an announcement in the theater to convey notes etc., and he was standing in front as a producer. “(Stage officials)

In mid-May, this magazine also witnessed Koizumi escorting while waiting for the performers at the entrance of the theater during the rehearsal of the stage.

Koizumi works hard as a producer, but it seems that taking a break is also important. Koizumi talks on the street in front of the theater in the afternoon of late May when the Tokyo performance was held. Heat-not-burn tobacco is on the right hand of Koizumi who makes a phone call with a gentle expression.

Koizumi enjoys talking on the street, smoking heat-not-burn tobacco occasionally and in a good mood. After smoking and calling, I returned to the theater with a light footstep.

Koizumi enjoyed a brief break, but it was on the public road that he smoked heat-not-burn tobacco. Isn’t it really a problem? Looking at the official website of Setagaya Ward, where the theater is located, there was a statement that “heat-not-burn tobacco that does not light is not subject to’nuisance by smoking'”, so it seems that it is not a violation of the ordinance for the time being. ..

However, there is also a notation that “Although it is not subject to the regulations of the ordinance, please be considerate of the people around you and follow the etiquette when using it.” Should we be more aware of human eyes?

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