Put a fetish mood on your body. To a summer adventure with Ya Kudo. | VOGUE GIRL

Put a fetish mood on your body. To a summer adventure with Ya Kudo.

Why don’t you challenge yourself this summer? It is a new fetish style that opens the door with a balance of details such as glossy latex, enamel, and harness belt. Let’s adventure with a new generation upcoming model, Ya Kudo.

A new world that shoots through with a cool heart.

Boldly apply a rubber belt skirt to the latex skirt that beautifully charms the body shape. The waist-shaped white T makes your stomach look like a summer iron rule. Unlock the new world with a black heart lock bag in a dry mood.

Vintage T-shirt ¥ 1,250 / JANTIQUES Latex skirt ¥ 33,000 / KURAGE Layered belt skirt ¥ 127,600 / DIESEL Necklace (diamond) ¥ 1,584,000 / BIJOU DE M Necklace ¥ 37,400 Bag ¥ 143,000 / Both AMBUSH® (Ambush® Workshop)

New elegance to play with the body.

If you put a harness on the glittering see-through body, you will get a new elegance with a dry mood. Enjoy the mannish mood with unique denim panta boots. Incorporate trends in body accessories, including chain belts on high waists.

Body suit ¥ 165,000 / N21 (Isa) Layered harness on top ¥ 22,000 / KURAGE Chain belt ¥ 16,500 / JUSTINE CLENQUET (The Wall Showroom) Panta boots ¥ 264,000 / DIESEL (Diesel) Heart-shaped piercing on the right ear (Diamond) ¥ 161,700 Bracelet ¥ 24,200 / BIJOU DE M Ring ¥ 30,800 Ring ¥ 36,300 / Both PHENOMENA COLLECTION Other earrings / model personal belongings

Loosen the harness and latex.

Latex on the edgy harness belt. A style that puts such items into a girl style. Layer the harness on the inside of your shirt and use metallic red pumps to create a balance of sweetness.

Shirt ¥ 28,600 / BLACK COMME DES GARÇONS Harness worn during ¥ 22,000 / KURAGE Latex shorts ¥ 4,620 / FORYOURPLEASURE Pumps ¥ 118,800 / CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Necklace ¥ 97,900 Necklace ¥ 33,000 Heart rocket ¥ 264,000 Ring ¥ 70,400 / or more BIJOU DE M Ring ¥ 35,200 / PHENOMENA COLLECTION

A little black dress that wears luster.

Fetish-style LBD is decided on a body-conscious enamel dress with a 90’s mood. Layer the harness and use the platform belt boots for a dry beat.

Mini dress ¥ 110,000 / COURRÈGES Harness worn during (Edstrom office) ¥ 22,000 / KURAGE boots ¥ 178,200 / AMBUSH® (Ambush® workshop) Chain belt wrapped around the neck ¥ 16,500 / JUSTINE CLENQUET Wall Showroom) Heart Charm (Diamond) ¥ 132,000 Ring ¥ 70,400 / Both BIJOU DE M Ring ¥ 35,200 / PHENOMENA COLLECTION

Show your skin coolly.

Enamel tops and bottoms with beautiful artistic cutting are skin-showing items with a rhythm of restraint. Put color latex in the inn, or complete a choker and tough layered chain belt.

Latex top worn inside ¥ 17,600 / KURAGE Top ¥ 46,200 Pants ¥ 204,600 / Both COURRÈGES shoes ¥ 108,900 / CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Chain belt ¥ 16,500 / JUSTINE CLENQUET ) Earrings ¥ 31,900 Choker ¥ 94,600 / Both AMBUSH® (Ambush® Workshop) Rings ¥ 30,800 Rings ¥ 36,300 / PHENOMENA COLLECTION


Challenge the VOGUE GIRL customary “90 seconds challenge”. Delivering the making scene of video interviews and shooting.

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