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What is a surprising sporty item that tightens summer outfits?

Light tone styling that increases in summer. It’s attractive to have a refreshing feeling and look light, but don’t you feel that you’re not wearing it? In such a case, it is best to tighten it with a dark-colored accessory. So, I recommend using a black nylon bag this time!

Why is a black nylon bag good? That’s because nylon bags have a sporty taste, so they don’t look heavy when combined with summer outfits, and you can enjoy a modern taste mix outfit. However, if the area of ​​the bag is large, the effect will be halved, so it is correct to select a small size feeling. That way, you can keep the lightness and tighten the styling moderately. Of course, it is effective not only for wearing light tones, but also for summer outfits with slightly flashy colors. So let’s take a look at the recommended black nylon bag!


15,400 yen (Riveral / Hanks store)

It catches the eye
Unique form!

An egg-shaped body bag with a colon that can be easily opened and put in and taken out of luggage. Of particular note is the original 840 denier nylon fabric. It has excellent durability and water repellency, is lightweight, and does not easily change over time. By the way, the lining has a calm tone camouflage pattern, and the details are not overlooked.

[コード オブ ベル]

25,300 yen (Code of Bell / Jack of All Traces Press Room)

Unusual for waist bags
Capacity can be increased!

The waist bag, which was born in LA in 2016, is equipped with a convenient expansion function that can adjust the capacity according to the amount of luggage. The internal storage is also quite substantial, and you can carry the necessary luggage neatly and smartly. The bright orange lining not only functions as an accent color, but also has the effect of enhancing visibility. It is also a highlight to use a fabric with excellent strength and waterproofness.

[ベルーフ バゲージ]

19,800 yen (bellow baggage / 1197 store)

Contrary to the minimal appearance
Easy to use and practical!

This “Urban Explorer 6.0” is designed to move comfortably with less belongings. The zipper opens in a U shape like a suitcase, but there is no need to worry about it spilling because it has a gusset inside. Check out the storage that is comfortable to use, such as the organizer pocket for tablets and the security pocket on the back.


8800 yen (Abu Garcia / Paddle)

Easy to use in town
A cool fishing bag!

A long-established fishing brand originated in Sweden. As this is a waist bag that can also be used for fishing, it is highly waterproof and durable, and has mesh pockets on both sides that can store lure cases. While incorporating such convenient functions, the details are unified in black. It has a strong outdoor element, but it has a stylish impression.


17,600 yen (Porter / Yoshida)

The fun of bag operability
Notice in a modern way!

I think it’s a common shoulder bag, but it actually has a little gimmick. That is the QR code attached to the tag inside the main unit. If you scan this, you can enjoy the operation method when using the bag, such as opening and closing the pocket and adjusting the shoulder strap. The original fabric, which is made by weaving polyester at a high density to give it thickness and strength, has a delicate texture and a glossy feel, giving it an elegant atmosphere.

Photo = Koki Marumasu Styling = Ryosuke Endo Fumi = Kyoko Chika
photo: Kouki Marueki (BOIL) styling: Ryosuke Endo text: Kyoko Chikama

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