STAFF START and “Rakuten Fashion” start cooperation:

[Vanish Standard Co., Ltd.]

-Creating new points of contact with customers for corporate staff using “Rakuten Fashion”-

“Staff Tech” Company, which operates the staff DX application service “STAFF START”, Vanish Standard Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ningaki Onosato) is Rakuten. Announced that the coordination posting function has started to be linked with the fashion mail order site “Rakuten Fashion” operated by Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Rakuten”).

Points of this cooperation

“STAFF START” provides a function provided by Vanish Standard that allows the staff of fashion brand shops (hereinafter referred to as “brand shops”) to easily post coordinated images and comments on the EC site as a new customer service method. It is a service.
Through this collaboration, brand shops (Note) participating in “Rakuten Fashion” will display and handle coordinated images that had been posted on their own EC sites in “Rakuten Fashion” through the coordinated posting function of “STAFF START”. You will be able to easily introduce coordinated images using products.
In the future, when a brand shop posts a coordinated image through this function, it will be automatically displayed on the product page of “Rakuten Fashion”, and it will be possible to convey the appeal of the product more efficiently. ..
(Note) Companies that have already introduced “STAFF START” and have licensed to cooperate with “Rakuten Fashion” are eligible.

About “Rakuten Fashion”

“Rakuten Fashion” is a fashion mail order site where popular fashion brand shops participate. In October 2020, “Rakuten Fashion LUXURY” was opened on the site, and in November of the same year, “DESIGNERS & INTERNATIONAL” was opened to disseminate the products of luxury brands and designer brands and their attractiveness. At the time of product purchase, Rakuten Group’s point program “Rakuten Points” can be accumulated or used for payment. We also offer a dedicated smartphone app.


“STAFF START” is a Staff Tech service that converts the staff belonging to the store into DX and enables online customer service on the company’s EC site and SNS. The “coordinator posting function”, which is most used by the apparel companies that have introduced it, is a function that links product information etc. to the coordinated images taken by store staff and posts them on EC sites and SNS. We can provide customer service such as coordinator proposals. In addition, the EC sales achieved through staff postings are visualized and used for evaluation as the performance of individual staff members and the stores to which they belong. Currently, the number of brands used exceeds 1,700, mainly for apparel and cosmetics brands, and the total distribution amount via the content created by “STAFF START” between January 2021 and December 2021 has reached 138 billion yen. Did.

Main functions of “STAFF START”
Coordinated posting function:A function to link product information to coordinated photos taken by store staff and post them on the brand’s own EC site or SNS.
Staff review function:A function that allows store staff to create reviews (evaluations / comments) about products and post them on their own EC sites and SNS.
PLAY function:A function that allows store staff to link products to videos that capture the feeling and process of using the products and post them on their own EC sites and SNS.
Summary function:A function that allows store staff to create content such as articles from theme settings on their own EC site, just like creating a show window at a store.
QR memo function:A function that allows store staff who serve customers at the store to share information on the EC site of the product under consideration with a QR code to customers who are buying around.
Buyer function:A function that allows buyers and MDs (merchandisers) to share information on sample products that they are considering selling with sales staff, and allows on-site sales staff to evaluate whether they are “likely to sell” or “likely to sell”.

Inquiries regarding the introduction of “STAFF START”
Person in charge: Usui / Nozawa

Vanish Standard Co., Ltd.
Headquarters location: 1-8-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Ning Akira Onosato
Business description: Development and operation of “STAFF START”

Rakuten Group, Inc.
Rakuten has more than 70 services in a wide range of fields such as Internet services such as commerce, digital contents and advertisements, fintech services such as credit cards, banks, securities, insurance and smartphone app payments, mobile services such as mobile carrier business, and professional sports. Is provided. These various services are organically linked around membership centered on Rakuten members to form a unique “Rakuten ecosystem”. Founded in 1997, under the corporate philosophy of “empowering people and society through innovation,” we now have more than 29,000 employees and operate in bases in 30 countries and regions around the world. It is a group company. For more information, please visit

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