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People who enjoy fireworks

People enjoying fireworks at Battery Park in New York (July 4, 1986).

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  • For many Americans, July 4th Independence Day is a day to enjoy a meal or spend time with family and friends.
  • Many Americans are not familiar with the facts about the Independence Day tradition.
  • For example, in the United States, 150 million hot dogs are consumed every July 4th.

Strictly speaking, Independence Day should be celebrated on July 2nd


Fireworks celebrating Independence Day (July 4, 1961, Washington, DC).


According to the National Archives of Japan, the Continental Congress actually passed the resolution on July 2, 1776. It was adopted in the form of the “Declaration of Independence” on July 4, but was not signed until August 2.

George Washington allegedly celebrated American independence in 1778 by giving soldiers twice as much rum as usual.

George Washington

George Washington.

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According to the History Channel, until the Declaration of Independence was signed, American colonial people celebrated the king’s birthday by “ringing bells, bonfires, marching, and giving speeches.” rice field. In the summer of 1776, some people held a fake funeral for King George III to celebrate his new freedom.

Presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe all died on July 4th.

White House

White House.

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Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the founding fathers of the United States, died on July 4, 1826. Five years later, on July 4, 1831, James Monroe died.

2.5 million people lived in the United States, which had just become independent on July 4, 1776.

Independence Hall

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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At the time of independence, Pennsylvania had the largest population of 434,373, according to the US Census Bureau. Delaware, on the other hand, had the smallest population of 59,094.

However, these numbers are estimates. No official census was conducted in the United States until 1790.

Independence Day was not a federal holiday until 1870

Children celebrating independence anniversary

Children celebrating Independence Day (July 4, 1976).


Celebrating Independence Day was not common until after the War of 1812 (1812-1814). By the 1870s, July 4th had become one of America’s most important religiously unrelated holidays.

It was 1941 that was a paid holiday for federal officials.

America’s oldest Independence Day parade took place in Bristol, Rhode Island, and the town’s Independence Day festival began in 1785.

Independence Day parade

Independence Day Pareto (1996) in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Matt York / AP

Historian Richard V. Simpson from Bristol, Rhode Island, told Mental Floss that the first festival in 1785 was a small one with about 20 people attending.

Bristol’s Independence Day festival now begins with a local event on Flag Day (June 14th) and continues to the Independence Day parade. The parade is 2.5 miles long.

Hungarian-born American physicist Leo Szilard applies for a patent on the atomic bomb on July 4, 1934.

Nuclear test

America’s first nuclear test (1945).

US Army / AP

On July 4, 1934, Leo Szilard filed a patent for the atomic bomb.

Wearing clothes such as the Star-Spangled Banner actually violates the guidelines of the Federal Flag Law.

Star-Spangled Banner

Mike Blake / REUTERS

The fashion industry has grown by reproducing symbols and designs. And there is no doubt that the Star-Spangled Banner is a powerful symbol of politics, patriotism, and pride, just like the flags of various countries.

On the other hand, in the United States, the Federal Flag Law was enacted in 1942, which provided guidelines on how the flag should be displayed and used. According to the Smithsonian magazine, the Federal Flag Act was originally enacted because of fear of the flag being treated in a way reminiscent of the Nazis. One of the guidelines states that “the national flag should not be used as clothing, bedding or curtains”.

However, the Federal Flag Act is not legally binding. According to the House Judiciary Committee of the United States, “Federal Flag Law does not provide penalties for violations, and there are no enforcement provisions.”

Independence Day is the best-selling day of beer among American federal holidays


Gene J. Puskar / AP

According to a 2016 report from the American industry group National Beer Wholesalers Association, beer will sell after July 4th, on Labor Day (Memorial Day). Is said to be Labor Day in September.

150 million hot dogs are consumed every year on July 4th in the United States — if you put them in a straight line, you can make more than two and a half round trips between Washington DC and Los Angeles.

Children eating hot dogs

Children celebrating Hot Dog Month in July (1959, Chicago).

Edward Kitch / AP

According to the National Hot Dog Sausage Council (NHDSC), Americans consume 150 million hot dogs on Independence Day. In the United States, sales in July, which is also hot dog month, account for 10% of annual hot dog sales.

The first American to write an ice cream recipe is said to be the founding father Thomas Jefferson.

ice cream

Kseniia Perminova / Shutterstock

According to the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Jefferson, who drafted the Declaration of Independence and later became the third president of the United States, is likely to have encountered ice cream for the first time when traveling to France between 1784 and 1789. ..

Ice cream became more popular during Jefferson’s tenure because he often served ice cream at the presidential palace.

On Independence Day 2020, 18 people died from fireworks (excluding work-related accidents)


Haraz N. Ghanbari / AP

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 15% of fireworks injuries have eye injuries, and in the worst case, blindness and severe eye damage.

18% of fireworks-related injuries on Independence Day in 2020 were children under the age of 15.

Children holding the Star-Spangled Banner

Matt York / AP

According to a report released by the American Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2021, the most common fireworks-related injuries were “hands and fingers.”

Forty-four percent of the injuries treated in the emergency room were burns, with many burns on the hands, fingers, feet, and arms.

Speaking of fireworks … The amount of fireworks that Americans bought in 2019 was £ 273 million.


Julio Cortez / AP

According to data from the American Fireworks Association, 2019 was the first year that consumer fireworks sales reached $ 1 billion. In 2020, sales grew further to reach $ 1.9 billion.

There are 33 places in the United States, such as counties, archaeological sites and parks, where the word “liberty” is used in its name.

Liberty bell

“Liberty Bell” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

f11photo / Shutterstock

According to the US Census Bureau, as of 2016, there were 33 places in the United States, such as counties, archaeological sites, and parks, where the word “liberty” was used in its name. Four of these were county names, one in Texas, one in Georgia, one in Florida, and one in Montana.

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