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[June Summary]”Adult Fashionable Coordination Collection”

The most important thing in summer outfits is “freshness”!

This week, the heat and sweltering that made me sweat suddenly continued. But from now on, it will get hotter !? So, the correct answer is to make the summer outfit look refreshing. I recommend it because it makes you feel refreshed!

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How to get rid of conservatives
The point is to make it in black!

Isn’t it time to feel like going to the sea on holidays? When that happens, what you want to wear is the marine style that suits the sea. However, for American casual lovers, although it is refreshing, some people feel that this conservative feeling is a little unselfish. If so, there is a good way. It’s very easy to do. That’s because the border T, jacket, and shorts should all be put together in black. As a result, the freshness of the Uri’s Basque shirt shines with an urban modernity, and even the shorts that the knee kid can see look daunting. The exhilaration and stylishness are added, and the finish is quite mature. By the way, “black marine” is the keyword this summer. However, I also want to be careful about using black. That is, even if it is the same black, the texture is changed and matched. Black is full of good things for adults, but on the other hand, it is a scratch on the ball that it looks flat when put together in black. Therefore, changing the material to make it look three-dimensional is an important technique for using black. For example, try using nylon instead of cotton for the jacket. Of course, this is also OK with shorts. It’s summer when only freshness tends to be noticed, but if you devise something like this, you will be able to see a very fashionable marine look in front of the shining blue sea!

Nylon jacket 40,480 yen (Remi Relief / Unite Nine), T-shirt 18,700 yen (M Trico by Moushoffe), Shorts 27,500 yen (Stockholm Surfboard Club / Edstrom Office), Bucket Hat 6600 yen (Traditional Weatherwear) / Traditional Weatherwear LUMINE Yurakucho Store), Sunglasses 45,100 yen (Moscot / Moscot Tokyo), Mesh Sandals 15,400 yen (Malibu Sandals / Stephen Alan Futako Tamagawa)

In non-tailored JK x shorts
For a refreshing and casual summer!

There are various materials that make you feel comfortable in the summer, but have you ever tried sheer soccer? Perhaps some people are shunned because of their dressy impression? Because sheer soccer is often used for tailored jackets, it is often thought that it is difficult to incorporate it into everyday casual wear. However, that’s why if you take it in well, it will have the effect of making casual look much better, so it’s an item that adults should definitely try. In addition, many sheer soccer items that are not tailored jackets are appearing to meet such expectations. For example, that matches this outfit is a tracker jacket made of sheer soccer material. This is cool and mature, but it’s easy to take in because the dress impression diminishes. Furthermore, if you do this with shorts, you will feel more relaxed like a holiday, and the refreshingness of early summer will be improved. Rather, I’m glad that the exposure of the shorts doesn’t look like a kid because of the mature feeling of sheer soccer. I chose linen shorts here, so I used W, which is a cool material, for a refreshing feeling. The inner looks like an adult even with such a cheerful color T. And, somehow, sheer soccer that is good for adult summer casual. Why don’t you start with these casual types of items?

Shear soccer jacket 23,100 yen (traditional weatherwear / traditional weatherwear Lumine Yurakucho store), T-shirt 7150 yen, socks 1650 yen (Saturday’s New York City), linen shorts 31,900 yen (Ron Herman), sunglasses 45,100 Yen (Moscott / Moscot Tokyo), Sunglasses 31,900 Yen (Autory / Toyoda Trading Press Room)

Waterproof items too
Refreshing with blue summary!

If you want to feel better during the rainy season, you can spend time with a light and sporty outfit. It is also attractive that such a dress is practical. At this time of year, it is recommended that you use items that have been treated with water repellent to solidify yourself. For example, sneakers should be waterproof so that you don’t have to worry about shakashaka hoodies, shorts, or sudden rain. Even though it is highly waterproof these days, it is also breathable. Therefore, it doesn’t get hot. So, in such a case, I’m sure you’ll choose a fearless black or gray, but as you know, that makes it look heavy. Here, rather than a stoic impression, it is better to give an impression of freshness in blue, which can contribute to improving the mood. So, this time I put together in one tone of blue and tried using black for the tightening effect. When putting together a sporty style in one tone, the point is how to use different shades of color. Simply put, imagine an inverted triangle. Therefore, if the top is light and the bottom is dark, the balance will be better and the physique will look better. This can be used for various outfits, so it may be good to remember. If you want to create a fashionable look, you can use a tie-dye as a hoodie to accentuate the trendy patterns. copper? In this case, even the rainy season can be refreshing!

Thai Dai Parka 53,900 yen (Duno / Toyoda Trading Press Room), T-shirt 7,150 yen, Shorts 15,400 yen (Saturday’s New York City), Sunglasses 18,700 yen (Ivor / Ivor Tokyo Store), Cap 9680 yen ( Cal Oline x Kaboo / Unite Nine), Strap 11,000 yen (New Life Project / Nishinoya), Sneakers 17,380 yen (On / On Japan)

Gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness
Introduce stripes!

Speaking of the standard for refreshing summer, yes, use blue-collar workers. Of course that’s fine, but there is a high probability that you will suffer from it. So, this time it’s a story that you can make a refreshing outfit even if you’re out of blue. So, the correct answer for that solution is to put the stripes in the outfit. As you know, the stripes look refreshing and neat. Besides, it feels good, so it’s especially suitable for adults. The stripe I chose this time is a slightly thicker line. Because if it’s thin, it looks like a business. In the case of casual style, please note that it will give a feeling of tingling if it is too elegant. When the bottom is shorts like this time, it is easier to get used to it by matching a slightly thicker stripe to balance the casual feeling. Next is the story of color. This is mint green. Although it is refreshing, it has a more natural and calm impression than blue. Moreover, due to the popularity of greens these days, it’s nice to have a modern finish. In summer, it is recommended to choose such a cool mint-like green. By the way, if you are aiming for a stylish LA style, it is cool to make this striped shirt a long sleeve type instead of a short sleeve and roll up the sleeves. It will give you an adult-like atmosphere, so be sure to wear shorts with a long-sleeved shirt!

Shirt 19,800 yen (Diesel / Unite Nine), T-shirt 7,150 yen, Cap 5,500 yen (Almond / Tryon), Shorts 15,400 yen (Saturday’s New York City), Sunglasses 46,200 yen (Ivan / Ivan) Tokyo Gallery), sneakers 31,900 yen (diesel / diesel Japan)

Photo = Tomio Masashige Styling = Takumi Tagawa, Takeshi Yanagawa
photo: Tomoo Syoju (BOIL) styling: Takumi Tagawa, Takeshi Yanagawa (remix)
* All prices include tax, with exceptions.

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