KiseKi entertainment Co., Ltd. signs official agent contract with popular Youtuber Rafael –Press release of KiseKi entertainment Co., Ltd.

A company that supports dreams! Kise Kientertainment Co., Ltd. announces an emergency breaking news on Topics that support your service and branding up!

This time, popular YouTuber Rafael and Kise Ki entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Shinichi Koyama) have signed an official agent contract.

■ About Kise Ki entertainment Co., Ltd.

Established in 2013. The president, Shinichi Koyama, has been active nationwide as his 2006 self-produced artist[Kiseki]and has a track record of about 90 performances centered on the cooperation of AEON MALL Co., Ltd. Close-up broadcasting is also decided in the series[Stofi]and the broadcasting is exactly[Kiseki]high audience rating in the history of the program! The story of only one week at the beginning became an urgent two-week continuous broadcast and attracted attention.

Also, the story that the representative song[Island]was appointed to the national arena tour of Kanjani Eight in 2008 is famous among Kanjani Eight fans.

Taking advantage of his own experience in artist activities, he will launch events[Dreifes 2012 ~, Dorichare 2017 ~]to support his dreams, and will also make efforts to develop future artists.

EXILE Makidai, a former Morning Musume, from the personal connections that accompany the activity. Ai Kago and others contribute to corporate and social revitalization through support for corporate value and service diffusion through many castings.

In addition, as a social welfare activity that is currently attracting attention, we will receive gratitude from the local government on our website, etc. through wheelchair donations to the local city of Itami, Hyogo Prefecture, and donations from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Rafael’s casting, of course, music production, video production, vocal lessons and entertainment can be provided as a one-stop service, so it has a reputation for being able to provide high quality products at a low price.

■ About the official agent contract with Rafael

On Rafael’s YouTube channel, we will coordinate the agency, schedule, and guarantee of companies that want to publicize as a corporate project.

I want to increase corporate value! I want to raise awareness! I want to publicize the service! Please feel free to contact us from the following inquiries if you are a company.

[Rafael YouTube]https://youtube.com/channel/UCgQgMOBZOJ1ZDtCZ4hwP1uQ

[Rafael Instagram]


★ 2022.6.29 Earthquake Early Warning![Rafael and Kitashinchi Golf 77]have been mediated! https://www.instagram.com/p/CfYUjYMJN6H/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

KiseKi entertainment Co., Ltd.


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