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Louis Vuitton’s exhibition “SEE LV” will be held from July 8th to August 21st, 2022 at Tokyo Midtown Lawn Square, inviting you to a journey through the Maison’s 160-year history. During the exhibition period, a gift shop will be opened in the Tokyo Midtown Galleria B1 Atrium, and in addition to carefully selected Louis Vuitton products, various limited and advanced items will be released from women’s and men’s leather goods and accessories, and the Objet Nomad collection. To do.

Limited to Japan / Scheduled to be sold in advance for “SEE LV Exhibition”

■ Women’s

“Portofeuil Claire”
Price including tax: 122,100 yen
Color: Veil Doe
Material: Monogram Amplant Leather
Size: W11.0 x H8.5 x D3.5cm
“Pochette Kure”
Price including tax: 58,300 yen
Color: Rose
Material: Monogram Amplant Leather
Size: W12.0 x H7.0 x D1.5cm

“Multicle 6”
Price including tax: 50,600 yen each
Color: (from left) Turcoise, Rose Pondicherry
Material: Monogram Amplant Leather
“Portofeuil Rock Mini”
Price including tax: 75,900 yen each
Color: (from left) Veil Acid, Rose Pondicherry
Material: Calf leather
Size: W10.0 x H7.0 x D2.5cm
“Brassle Rock It Again”
Price including tax: 48,400 yen each
Color: (from left) Turcoise, Rose Pondicherry
Material: Calf leather
Size: 17cm

■ Men’s

“Zippy Wallet Vertical Color”
Price including tax: 149,600 yen
Color: Purple
Material: Taurillon leather
Size: W10.0 x H20.0 x D2.0cm

“Dragonne LV Shape”
Price including tax: 46,200 yen
Color: orange
Material: Cowhide leather

■ Unisex

“Jewelry Box Trunk”
Price including tax: 271,700 yen
Material: Monogram canvas, wood, velvet
Size: W16.0 x H4.0 x D11.0cm

“Petura Mini”
Price including tax: 126,500 yen each
Color: (from left) Turquoise, Veil Acid, Rose Pondicherry
Material: wood, leather
Size: W9.0 x H10.0 x D6.0cm

Scheduled to be sold in advance worldwide

“Surface ramp”
Price including tax: 489,300 yen each (preliminary price)
Material: Leather (leather type: cowhide), steel frame, LED, USB rechargeable battery
Size: W30.0 x H35.0 x D12.0cm

[About Louis Vuitton]Since its founding in 1854, Louis Vuitton has always offered the highest quality, unique designs that combine innovation and style. Today, through products such as travel luggage, bags, and accessories, we faithfully inherit the spirit of “the essence of travel” created by the founder Louis Vuitton, which is creative yet elegant and practical. It was “boldness” that created the story of Louis Vuitton. Respecting tradition, we have opened the door to architects, artists and designers throughout history, pioneering fields such as ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, watches, fine jewelery and fragrances. These carefully crafted products are a testament to how Louis Vuitton has taken a commitment to craftsmanship.

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