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What should I wear for this weekend’s date? Even on a rainy day, I’m still sick and sweating. At such times, the correct answer is to appear in a refreshing appearance with a refreshing mood!

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Today’s Yuru style
Blue x white is not sloppy!

When hot days continue every day, my body and mood feel a little tired !? But I can’t show such a tired face on a weekend date. So what should I do to have a good time with her? There are various ways to do this, but after all appearance is important. The effect of color is that you can easily get rid of your tiredness. Above all, it is better to use a refreshing blue x white iron plate combination so that you do not feel the dull air feeling of the rain pattern that has continued recently. So, this time I will introduce a refreshing date outfit. The main shirt is decided by a striped shirt like a date. If the top is crisp, the bottom should be navy easy pants. The reason why both are loosely sized is that it’s fun, but it’s not like I’m too textured. This is also okay because it will not look sloppy if the colors are aligned in blue. And, of course, the T-shirts that go in are white, and the sneakers are also pure white, so if you accelerate the freshness, the moist air should be blown away. This is a pretty simple combination, isn’t it? It’s a coordination that seems to be possible from the wardrobe, so please try it.

Striped shirt 18,150 yen (Double Pee Waist Point / Safari Lounge), Tank top 25,300 yen, Easy pants 39,600 yen (Heril / Nishinoya), Neck wallet 14,300 yen (Yorozu / Hemto PR), Sunglasses 45,100 yen (Moscot / Moscot Tokyo), sneakers 93,500 yen (JM Weston / JM Weston Aoyama store)

Photo = Tomio Masashige Styling = Takumi Tagawa
photo: Tomoo Syoju (BOIL) styling: Takumi Tagawa (remix)
* All prices include tax, with exceptions.

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