[Participation in the e-sports world competition]The professional e-sports team FOR7 APEX LEGENDS division will participate in the world competition held in the United States! !! | Press release of CS entertainment Co., Ltd.

“ALGS” is an e-sports tournament that decides the world’s highest peak of the team battle style battle royale shooting game “Apex Legends” of 3 people. This is the second time this tournament has been held for the first time in about two years, and it will be the largest event in the history of “Apex Legends”.

About ALGS: https://www.ea.com/ja-jp/games/apex-legends/compete

■ “Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 CHAMPIONSHIP” Schedule (planned)
Friday, July 8 2:00 AM Japan time: Group Stage A vs. B / C vs. D
Friday, July 8 7:15 AM Japan time: Group Stage A vs. C / B vs. D
Saturday, July 9 2:00 AM Japan time: Group Stage A vs. D / B vs. C
Saturday, July 9th, 7:15 AM Japan time: Bracket Stage Losers –Round 1
Sunday, July 10 2:00 AM Japan time: Bracket Stage Winners Bracket
Sunday, July 10 7:15 AM Japan time: Bracket Stage Losers –Round 2
Monday, July 11 6:00 AM Japan time: Finals Match Point Finals



■ Leader HeeGak (@heegak) player

■ Jusna (@Jusna_s) player

■ SangJoon (@ SangJoon1117) player

A professional esports team run by CS entertainment Co., Ltd.
Based in a gaming house (location: Nakagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture) that combines an international standard practice field, housing, office, kitchen, and training facility, “creation of intergenerational synergies” and “social recognition of diversity and uniqueness” Under the brand vision of “creating the future,” the seven “Love, Passion, Effort, Smile, Appreciate, Hope, and Impression” “We are working to bring happiness to everyone involved ((FOR)) with the leaves in our hearts.

Currently, it has four departments, and in addition to the PUBG MOBILE department, APEX LEGENDS department, and CoD Mobile department, the streamer department is active.
The PUBG MOBILE division is participating in Japan’s largest e-sports league “PMJL” operated by NTT DoCoMo.
The APEX LEGENDS category has won the 19th place in the world at the world competition “ALGS SPLIT 2 PLAYOFFS”, and is scheduled to participate in the ALGS Championship with a total prize of 550 million yen to be held in July 2022.

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/FSV_FOR7
Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ZLUXA-yqLbBnc-clgcyQw

  • CS entertainment overview

Established in July 2020 with Aito Co., Ltd. as the parent company.
Its main business is managing professional e-athletes and streamers, and managing e-sports competitions, e-sports events, and business contests.
“FOR7”, which has a streamer division in addition to the three divisions of PUBG MOBILE, APEX Mobile, and APEX LEGENDS, belongs to the professional team.
“BBT”, which sends out various contents centered on CoD Mobile, holds irregular competitions, and Japan’s first esports-specialized business contest “esports BizContest (eBC)” is the first and second. The event has already been held, and the third event is currently scheduled.
* From July 2022, it will be absorbed and merged with the parent company, Aito Co., Ltd.

BBT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJqEey5PsoRtNnxfLfwF5_w/featured
eBC: https://esports-bizcon.com/1
Company name: CS entertainment Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: July 1, 2020
Representative: Hatsue Iwamoto
Location: 6-23 Imamitsu, Nakagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Business: Management of professional e-athletes and streamers, planning and management of e-sports competitions and events
Official HP: https://cs-entertainment.com
Contact: cs.ent0701@gmail.com

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