A capsule collection that uses tourmaline quartz for Pomellato’s “nude” collection is now available only in Japan | FASHION | FASHION HEADLINE

Pomellato, a jeweler from Milan, presents the tourmaline quartz capsule collection, the first to be adopted by the Maison for its iconic “nude”.

“Nude”, which has an impressive natural beauty of stone, was born for women who want to express their own personality, and has been supported by women all over the world since its birth in 2001. This time, two kinds of these special necklaces, earrings and rings were born and will be on sale at the pop-up store “DISCOVER YOUR COLORS” which will be held for a limited time at the stage on the 1st floor of the Isetan Shinjuku store main building from Wednesday, July 20th. Will be done.

“Nude,” which means “naked / naked” in Italian, began with the desire to create something different from the big, flashy jewelery that was trending at the time. The ring, which has a strong yet pure design, has captured the hearts of people by the setting technology hidden in the bezel, which makes it look as if a stone is floating.

The shape of the solitaire ring, which overturns the preconceived notion, is square, and the upper part of the stone has a facet cut that gives an asymmetric and soft look. This unique “nude” cut is a cabochon-shaped stone created by skilled craftsmen with 57 irregular facets.

The cresidra cut used in the necklaces and earrings announced this time seamlessly connects two stones and surrounds the center with a gold band, which is named after the Italian word for “hourglass”. .. This special cut opens up endless possibilities for captivating combinations, including fresh color nuances, transparency and opacity. The cuts on both sides allow the stone to come into direct contact with the skin, making the piece feel closer to you.

K18RG x Tourmaline Quartz x Diamond: Necklace 4,983,000 yen, Earrings 1,309,000 yen (tax included)

Necklace “Nude”: K18RG x Tourmaline Quartz x Diamond 42cm: 473,000 yen / 60cm: 359,000 yen (tax included)

Ring “Nude”: K18RG x Tourmaline Quartz x Agate x Diamond 638,000 yen (tax included)

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