“& PAN MARKET and BAKERY” from Hokkaido, a new concept shop of , will open on July 17th (Sun)!

“& PAN MARKET and BAKERY” is a new format that consolidates the time warp brands that develop the food business based in Hokkaido, a treasure trove of ingredients. The composition is based on the image of the Italian market and food hall, and has a cafe menu using carefully selected domestic ingredients centered on Hokkaido, as well as deli, bakery, and sweets. The dishes and grocery stores prepared by chefs who are particular about “restaurant quality” are not only delicious, but also add an artistic essence that looks beautiful and gives even more excitement.
By setting up a store and totally producing manufacturing and retailing, we provide the enjoyment of food such as “buy / touch / eat / drink / see / learn / give”.

■ A comprehensive market from Hokkaido that you can experience according to the scene throughout the day

Deli & Grossary that supports the market is mainly Western food deli that appears daily from about 40 kinds of menu lineup such as salad, soup, frittata, meat dishes, Chinese style deli, spring rolls, dim sum such as grilled dishes, stewed dishes, lasagna We have a wide variety of products that you can choose according to the mood of the day, such as dim sum, Western-style and Chinese-style lunch. You can enjoy the gorgeous food with your eyes and feel free to enjoy the quality of the restaurant, so you can add color to your daily meals.
We have set up our own vegetable garden space on the rooftop because we want to deliver fresh and safe ingredients. We will make original jams and dishes from various vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, etc. that have been cultivated with a thorough focus on pesticide-free and organic cultivation.
Roast beef, Italian-style hamburger, spice curry, etc. will be available in the cafe space that can be used from breakfast to lunch, tea time, and dinner. Also pay attention to the corner where you can purchase rare vegetables used in Italian cuisine and carefully selected vegetables ordered directly from farmers.

■ Bakery has a lineup of more than 50 types based on the bread loved in Italy

At the bakery produced by Yuji Ozawa, who produces the popular bread brand[MOOJUU BREAD]there are plenty of breads loved in Italy, focaccia, brioche, ciabatta, Italian croissant cornet, and square bread. With the concept of bread that goes well with your meal, you can freely arrange & PAN original bread. There are variations such as meal bread, sweet buns, and chef-tailored sandwiches, and we also offer a variety of fun to choose from over 50 types. Madeleine and financiers are also served at a fixed time.

■ Smooth soft serve ice cream made with the freezer of Carpigiani, Italy in a unique style

The soft serve ice cream made from Hokkaido milk, which is attracting attention as a one-handed dessert, is made with a high-class freezer from Carpigiani, Italy, to achieve a smooth soft serve ice cream. A homemade waffle that reproduces the traditional sweets Chardoni from the 14th century in Florence, Italy, with a crispy finish with a hint of anise and cinnamon. You can also choose from three types of brioche, a brioche style with soft serve ice cream sandwiched between homemade brioche with lemon-scented butter and a cup, which is an arrangement of the popular Sicilian way of eating.

■ Chefs who have worked at popular restaurants gather to maximize the “art of food”

Yuji Morita has joined the chefs and producers of[MOOJUU BREAD][Fruit and bean paste]and[teatro di massa]which are handled by Time Warp, and their dishes and grocery stores are gathered at “& PAN”.The dishes produced by the chefs who are masters of Italian support the new concept shop “& PAN”.

◎ Yuji Morita / Hone your skills at hotels in Hokkaido, popular restaurants “Terzina” and “Fratello di Mikuni”, and play an active role as a chef in launching “Arancini” and “NODO”. In 2020, he was selected as the chef of the famous store “Den Kushi Flori” in Tokyo. He specializes in innovation and fusion, and is in charge of store management at & PAN, and is in charge of a wide range of things from menu design for cafes and deli to product development.

◎ Yuji Ozawa / After gaining experience in Italian restaurants in Tokyo and Italy, “La Corinetta” opened in 1998. He is also known as the “Father of Italian in Sapporo” who built a history of Italian cuisine using local ingredients and raised many famous chefs. In addition to product development for the produced brand[MOOJUU BREAD]he is in charge of overall control and bakery department at & PAN.

◎ Hirofumi Saito / Trained at numerous Italian restaurants and was involved in the launch of “Ilmattone Arles” with Yuji Ozawa. After working as a chef for[Fruit and bean paste]he is in charge of product development as well as stores and events as a general producer. Taking advantage of his diverse experience, & PAN deals with delicatessen, side dishes and original products.

◎ Yuya Nitta / Traveled to Italy to learn authentic local cuisine, and practiced at a restaurant in Piedmont and a Michelin 2-star restaurant “Agli Amici”. After returning to Japan, he will once again work as a chef of[teatro di massa]in his hometown of Sapporo, focusing on the “reconstruction of local cuisine” that he learned and experienced at a local restaurant.[Teatro di massa]Original foods can now be purchased at & PAN.

■ SHOP information


Address: 4-2-10 Tsukisamu Nishi, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido NORDESTA PARK MOON 1st floor
Business hours: 8:00 to 20:00 (19:30 LO) Cafe space* Opening soon
9: 00-19: 00 Bakery Delicatessen (finished as soon as there are no more products)
Seats: 38 seats in the store, 14 seats on the terrace* Opening soon

Instagram: @andpan_hokkaido
* Closed every Wednesday for the time being

▶ ︎ What is Time Warp?
In 2014, we opened the avant-garde restaurant[teatro di massa]which is created with Hokkaido ingredients by seriously facing the ingredients. Gyoza, which was inspired by the idea of ​​ravioli, has been developing the leading role of[pericarp and bean paste]since 2017, and has also entered the mail-order business and event events. The unprecedented bread brand[MOOJUU BREAD]which is made by kneading Hokkaido cheese and enjoying the look of cheese, was born in 2020 and won the silver prize in the “Best Order Award Bread Category” the following year.
The time warp brand, which continues to provide the “true charm of cooking” by combining various cooking methods with the ingredients directly purchased from the producers in Hokkaido, gathers in one place and stays in the restaurant. Opened[& PAN MARKET and BAKERY]in July 2022 with the aim of becoming a chef x FOOD PRODUCTION.

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