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[Korean Agriculture and Fisheries Food Distribution Corporation]

We also distribute Korean food and my designs of Korean guru T-shirts! Held a T-shirt design contest.

At the Korea Agricultural and Fisheries Food Distribution Corporation (Tokyo: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), you can enjoy Korean gourmet food and Korean ingredients in the Nintendo Switch software “Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest” so that you can enjoy the feeling of Korea at home during the summer vacation. “K-FOOD Island” was produced and opened to the public on Monday, July 11th.

At “K-FOOD Island”, in addition to Korean ingredients and Korean food my designs, my designs of surreal Korean guru T-shirts with ingredients as motifs are distributed. In addition, to commemorate the opening of the island, we will hold a Korean Guru T-shirt design contest. We look forward to your visit and participation!
[K-FOOD Island]Yumebanchi: DA-7613-3156-7625

1. Feeling excited! “K-FOOD Island Entrance”
2. Enjoy traditional Korean food! “K-FOOD Museum”
3. Enjoy Korean gourmet food! “K-FOOD Street”
4. A lot of popular Korean food “Korean convenience store”
5. Chima jeogori and food T-shirts are also “K-Style SHOP”
6. Hold quiz competitions and contests “Event Square”
7. Korean sweets cafe “K-sweets café”

K-FOOD Island official Twitter for the state of the island and event information
At (@kfood_acnh)!

Introducing K-FOOD Island

In addition to the “K-FOOD Museum” where you can enjoy traditional Korean food culture, “K-FOOD Street” where you can enjoy Korean gourmet food, “Korean convenience store”, and “K-Style SHOP” where you can get chima jeogori and Korean food T-shirts. It’s full.

pop? Surreal?We also distribute Korean guru T-shirts with Korean ingredients as a motif.

On K-FOOD Island, in addition to the chima jeogori-style dress that makes you feel Korean, you can also get my design of a surreal and pop Korean guru T-shirt with Korean ingredients as a motif! Which T-shirt do you want?

Chame T
Touchiyo Togara T
(Heart) T
Chima jeogori 1.
Chima jeogori 2.

K-FOOD cheering party Makochi-san is also stealthing to the island! ?? There is also a Korean guru T-shirt designed by Makochi!

■ Makochi’s profile

On the YouTube channel “Makochi”, loose videos that you will want to watch for a long time are gaining popularity, and the number of registered users exceeds 380,000. He is active as a popular video creator who completely produces shooting, planning, and editing by himself.
In September 2021, I want to deliver clothes that can be on the side of the wearer as an entity that gently illuminates those who want to live in their own way, like the light of the moon. ” The range of activities is expanding, such as launching the brand “BLUE MOON NIGHT”.
Atsumori is delivered irregularly and enjoys Mori Create. Her favorite character is “Blues”.

■ Makochi’s comment
Chounun Makoimnida!
My favorite Korean food is tteokbokki!
I want to go to Korea, but I have never been there
This time I’m going to have a lot of fun on K-FOOD Island ~!

■ K-FOOD cheering party Makochi-san designed a Korean guru T-shirt with my design!
“Shishi T”

We are looking for a “Korean Guru T-shirt” design that is full of your taste!

■ Korean Guru T-shirt Design Contest
To commemorate the island biraki, we will hold an a T-shirt design contest. We are waiting for many applications ♪
* Schedule is subject to change.

[Recruitment period]July 12th-August 14th
[Recruitment theme]Paprika, chili pepper, kimchi, chame
【Application method】
1. Follow K-Food Island Official Twitter (@kfood_acnh)
2. Please send the completed design and the canvas photo with the design name by DM.

Wonderful works will be exhibited at the “Event Square”.
Also, the most wonderful design is a real T-shirt as a gift!
[Exhibition period]August 16th (Tuesday) -28th (Sunday) * Scheduled

To details of corporate press release (2022/07 / 11-19: 47)

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