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Marianne Guenot / Insider

  • I visited a new terminal at Helsinki Airport in Finland.
  • The Finnish nature-themed design aims to reduce stress for passengers.
  • From the Moomin Cafe to the rocking chairs in the terminal, let’s take a look at the airport.

The new terminal at Helsinki Airport opened on December 1, 2021. The author, who used the airport to return to London, was amazed at the calm and relaxing atmosphere.


Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Marianne Guenot / Insider

I went to the airport by train.


Marianne Guenot / Insider

Access was good from Helsinki to the airport. The price is about 4.10 euros (about 570 yen).

This is the departure lobby.

Departure lobby

It was a little crowded.

Marianne Guenot / Insider

The terminal is designed to make it easy to understand the routes of passengers traveling through the airport. Helsinki Airport has one terminal, all in one space.

I didn’t have any baggage to check in, so I went straight to the security checkpoint. He didn’t get lost on the way and was less than 15 minutes from the station.

The ceiling of the departure lobby is made of Finnish birch wood, and its gentle curves create a warm atmosphere while intuitively guiding passengers towards the security checkpoint.

Departure lobby

Departure lobby.

Finavia Corp.

Airport information boards are designed to minimize passenger confusion, a spokeswoman for Finavia, the airport operator, told Insider.

The ceiling of the departure lobby is made of Finnish birch wood, and its gentle curves “intuitively guide passengers from the main entrance to check-in and security checkpoints,” said the person in charge.

Thanks to this high-tech equipment, passengers do not have to remove electronic devices or liquids from their bags.

High-tech equipment

Finavia Corp.

According to Finavia, the security checkpoint is designed in blue to give the user a sense of calm.

I was surprised that I wasn’t told to take out my laptop or liquid from my bag at the security checkpoint.

“With the introduction of the new 3D scanner, we no longer have to remove liquids and electronic devices from our baggage, and the speed of security inspections has increased. Passengers also have less luggage in and out, which is less troublesome and stressful than before. I think it’s a free process, “said the person in charge.

However, my bag got stuck the first time and I had to scan it again. Some of the neighbors were in a similar situation.

Even so, I was able to pass through the security checkpoint in less than 10 minutes.

The terminal is bright and spacious.


Marianne Guenot / Insider

The design of the terminal is all reminiscent of the theme of nature. Birch and green are used abundantly.

The lobby, which is not too large, is easy to move around.


A bench like a green hill.

Marianne Guenot / Insider

The lobby is basically very quiet.

Departure lobby

Passengers seemed to be quiet, relaxed and waiting for the plane.

Marianne Guenot / Insider

The person in charge said the terminal was designed to create a calm atmosphere. I was surprised at how quiet it was.

Airport announcements are intentionally kept to a minimum to avoid stress and “busyness.”

“We pay close attention to the acoustics and materials of our new terminal facility to minimize noise even during peak hours.”

There was also a waiting area where the scenery of the Finnish countryside was projected on the screen.

Waiting place

Marianne Guenot / Insider

Natural sounds were also playing in this area.

The interactive touch screen provided more information about where it was projected on the screen.

touch screen

Marianne Guenot / Insider

Sitting here for a while while waiting for the plane, I was really relaxed.

Waiting place

Over time, the image changed from a forest view to a lake and stream view.

Marianne Guenot / Insider

Near the large windows, there was plenty of space with comfortable chairs overlooking the outside.


There is also a long chair that can knock down your body.

Marianne Guenot / Insider

I like the rocking chair.

Rocking chair

Marianne Guenot / Insider

When I entered the bathroom, I heard a bird singing.


Marianne Guenot / Insider

Outside the toilet, there is also a space for water and hot water that passengers can drink freely.

Water supply, hot water supply corner

If I knew it in advance, I would have brought a tea bag …

Marianne Guenot / Insider

There is also a Christmas hut in the airport.

Christmas hut

Marianne Guenot / Insider

There seems to be a “sauna”, but … it doesn’t look real.


Marianne Guenot / Insider

There was also a mobile library.

Mobile library

There were many picture books for children.

Marianne Guenot / Insider

There were several shops selling Moomin goods at the airport.


Marianne Guenot / Insider

There is also a Moomin cafe.


The pastel colors are impressive.

Marianne Guenot / Insider

The design is inspired by the Moominhouse.

Moomin Cafe

With the Moomins.

Marianne Guenot / Insider

Energetic pastel colors are used abundantly.

Moomin Cafe

Marianne Guenot / Insider

I enjoyed coffee.


Marianne Guenot / Insider

I think the theme of latte art is Moomin, but … I’m not sure.

There were other exercise rooms and rest areas for pets at the airport, but I couldn’t get around.

Overall, it was a good experience


Marianne Guenot / Insider

Helsinki Airport is the airport that realized the idea. It was an overwhelmingly relaxing airport than many of the airports I have used so far.

[Original:IvisitedHelsinki’snewstress-bustingairportterminal— — it had bird song in the bathrooms, a Moomin cafe, and rocking chairs to wait for boarding]

(Translation, editing: Yoshimi Yamaguchi)

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