[Video][Hiroshima]Shogo Akiyama shows off “Akibeam” in the first starting lineup after returning to the Japanese baseball world | July 10 Chunichi vs. Hiroshima

Shogo Akiyama (34) from Hiroshima, who participated in the starting lineup for the first time after returning to the Japanese baseball world.

The showcase will be visited for the first time. The master who won the Golden Glove Award six times in the past does not allow additional points in the middle of the day with “Aki Beam” which is not a laser beam. When this happens, Akiyama has high expectations for the bat. However, on this day, there was no hit in 4 at bats and no pleasant sound was heard.

Even so, Hiroshima, who chased one goal, made a chance to equalize with Chunichi Raidel Martinez (25), who had no goals in 26 games in a row, and Tsubasa Aizawa (34). There is no more in front of the guardian deity of the iron wall. Hiroshima dropped a close battle.

■ Responsible pitcher
[Winning pitcher]Yanagi (6 wins and 6 losses)
[Loss pitcher]Nomura (1 win, 1 loss)
[Save]R. Martinez (18 s)
■ Battery
[Hiroshima Toyo]Nomura, Nakazaki, Thali, Yazaki-Mochimaru, Aizawa
[Chunichi]Yanagi, Shimizu, R. Martinez-Kinoshita
■ Home run
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