Waseda Sports 125th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony Held for New Glory, New Vow – Athletic Center, Waseda University

Waseda Sports 125th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony Held New Pledges for New Glory

Mr. Okada giving a commemorative lecture

On July 10, the Waseda University Athletic Center held a ceremony to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Waseda Sports at the Okuma Memorial Hall on the Waseda Campus. President Aiji Tanaka delivered a ceremonial address, and Tomon Athletic Association Chairman Yohei Kono and Keio University President Kohei Ito made remarks as guests. Takeshi Okada (1980 graduate of the School of Political Science and Economics), former coach of the Japanese national soccer team and former American football team member, gave a commemorative lecture titled “The Present and Future of Sports”. 200 people and 200 people watching online) listened intently and was greatly impressed. Ms. Junko Yaginuma (graduated from the School of Education in 1995), who graduated from the figure division of the skating club, acted as the moderator.

Commemorative ceremony attended by students from various sports clubs and the general public

It was in 1897 that the “Athletics Club” was established as the origin of the “Waseda University Athletic Center,” which oversees the current 44 Waseda sports clubs. With this year as the starting point, Waseda University has positioned the next 125 years as the “Waseda Sports New Century”, based on the “125-year life theory” advocated by its founder, Shigenobu Okuma, who loved and encouraged sports. We are promoting various projects from a long-term perspective.

From the left: President Tanaka, President Kono, and President Ito of Keio University

In the commemorative lecture, Mr. Okada talked about his student days when he was a member of the soccer club before joining the American football club, his thoughts on retiring as a player, and becoming the coach of the Japanese national soccer team for the first time, and betting on the World Cup. How he felt when he went into the match, what was necessary for Japan to advance to the last 8 or better of the World Cup, the importance of acting with independence, becoming a company manager in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, and raising the level of Japanese football For about an hour, he talked about what he is working on, the environmental education he is involved in, and the significance of realizing dreams and reforms through sports and soccer.

“The Present and Future of Sports” by Mr. Takeshi Okada, OB of American Football Club

Looking back on the 125 years of Waseda sports glory in photos

At the ceremony, a slide show was shown looking back on the 125th anniversary of Waseda Sports Glory. The major events and achievements of each athletic club during the 125 years from 1887 to 2022 are projected along with a medley of cheering songs such as “Eiko of Waseda,” “Viva Waseda,” “Timely March,” “Dynamite March,” and “Combat March.” At the end, in “Konpeki no Sora,” current students and young players who will graduate in the spring of 2022 were introduced as “future legends.”

Quiz competition organized by students

After that, the “Waseda Sports Quiz Tournament” was held as a joint project by the executive committee of each physical education club, VIVASEDA, and the Waseda Sports Newspaper Association. A total of 9 teams participated, including a team of university officials such as President Tanaka. It was a quiz full of difficult questions related to Waseda sports, but the “team quick movement” consisting of members of the karate club, aikido club, boxing club, and Shorinji Kempo club won. In addition, the 125th anniversary commemorative magazine “44 Enjin” published by the Waseda Sports Newspaper was distributed to all participants.

At the end, the cheering club sang the school song all the way through to the third verse, and Naoto Onzo, Executive Director for Sports Promotion, gave the closing remarks, reaffirming his vows to build a new century of Waseda sports that spans more than 125 years. I made it

(From right) Mr. Okada, Chairman Kono, President Tanaka, President Ito of Keio University, Executive Vice President Onzo

*The speaker’s greetings and lecture content will be posted at a later date. (Published on 7/18)

President Aiji Tanaka’s Address

President Tanaka delivering his address

Tokyo Senmon Gakko, the predecessor of Waseda University, was founded in 1882, and in 1897 the physical education club was established. This year marks the 125th anniversary since then. I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Waseda Sports today, emphasizing the 125-year-old theory that our founder, Shigenobu Okuma, said, “People can live to be 125 years old if they take proper care of themselves.”

I believe that Waseda University athletes have played a significant role in the Olympics, Paralympics, amateur and professional sports. In 1928, triple jumper Mikio Oda became the first Japanese to win an Olympic gold medal. He is of course the first student of Waseda University. Among female athletes, figure skater Shizuka Arakawa became the first graduate to win a gold medal at the Torino Olympics, and Yui Suzaki became the first female student to win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Sport is an act of challenging something that has no answer. I myself am from the Karate Club of the Sports Bureau, and since my appointment, I have told my students that I want them to train their “strong intelligence.” A strong intellect is to come up with your own solutions to unknown problems that mankind has never faced. I believe that the athletes of each physical education club come up with their own hypotheses for winning every time they compete, and then test those hypotheses with all their intellect and physical strength. The athletes of each physical education club are training their strong intellect, and I am very passionate about supporting them.

I would like to say something important for the future of Waseda sports. As a specific initiative, in addition to establishing a common logo for each of the 44 physical education departments, we have enabled direct donations to each physical education department through crowdfunding. In addition, we would like to implement special priority measures with donations from about 670,000 alumni, which are more popular than Ekiden, rugby, and baseball. In place of my greetings, I would like to ask for your continued support and expectations for Waseda Sports.

Message from Chairman Yohei Kono Waseda Sports led the world of sports in Japan

Mr. Kono, President of the Athletic Association Tomon, giving a speech as a guest

It is a great pleasure for me to be able to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Waseda Sports with the many people who have nurtured and supported Waseda Sports. Old Lord Okuma had a great interest in sports and encouraged them by preaching that “sports are essential for humans.” Since then, Waseda Sports has accumulated a long history, leading the Japanese sports world and making various contributions until today. Seeing their success at the Olympics, I believe that Waseda Sports will become even stronger and must meet the many expectations.

As chairman of the Tomon Athletic Association, I would like to ask the university to pay attention to all 44 sports clubs, including baseball, rugby, and racing, which boast traditions. Since I am entrusted with the important work of nurturing my mind and body, I would like you to listen to the opinions of the instructors, and furthermore, I would like to ask you to improve the practice environment. I would like to improve the match against our good rival Keio University and the Waseda-Keio match. Let’s continue to work together with the university and aim for further development with 125 years as an opportunity.

Kouhei Ito, President of Keio University It is essential to enhance each other’s philosophies for mutual development over the next 125 years

Keio University President Ito giving a speech as a guest

Congratulations on today’s Waseda Sports 125th Anniversary Ceremony. As a representative of Keio University, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations. Waseda-Keio shares the same ideals, which is why we can face each other as eternal rivals. Like President Tanaka, I spent four years on the Keio University Tennis Club, and I always tell the club that I want them to aim to be blessed winners. It means that I want you to wear behavior and personality that will be supported by everyone. In order to compete with the toughness, personality, and youthful freshness of the Waseda club members, Keio University has no choice but to raise its ideals. This heightening is what we need. Let’s aim for even greater heights for the next 125 years of development together.

Waseda Sports 125th Anniversary Ceremony July 10 Okuma Memorial Hall

Waseda Sports “New Century” 125th Anniversary Ceremony Held

[2022.07.11 Waseda Sports]Articles and photos by Riko Tajima

Two members of the Announcement Study Group presiding over a student project

The 125th anniversary of the establishment of the Physical Education Department (currently the Athletic Sports Center) at Tokyo Senmon Gakko, the predecessor of Waseda University. The Waseda Sports 125th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony was held to celebrate the milestone and to make a leap forward over the next 125 years, which was positioned as the “Waseda Sports New Century.” Waseda University’s founder, Shigenobu Okuma, said, “People can live to be 125 years old if they take care of themselves,” so “125” is a meaningful number for Waseda University. The ceremony was attended by a wide range of people involved in Waseda sports, including representatives of current sports clubs, alumni, and university officials. Through programs such as a keynote speech by Mr. Takeshi Okada (1980 graduate of Political Science and Economics) and a quiz competition planned by students, it was a day to “accelerate” pride in Waseda sports. → read more/comments

[Waseda Sports Newspaper]Announcement of Waseda Sports 125th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine “44 Enjin”

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