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“The Walking Dead: Last Mile” Key Art

July 11, 2022, New York local time,Skybound EntertainmentWhenGenvid Entertainmentteeth,”The Walking Dead(Walking Dead) ”themed Massively Interactive Live Event (MILE)of”The Walking Dead: Last Mile(The Walking Dead: Last Mile /TWD: LM) ”Will be distributed for 4 months, starting from the same dayFacebook GamingStarted open beta at.

GenvidPublishing “MILEIs done on a global scaleViewer-led live eventis. An immersive story is provided in which the viewer influences the world of the work and the character in various ways, and determines the course of the story.

“”TWD: LMThe story begins at 8:00 on July 12, Japan time.Facebook WatchDelivered inYvette Nicole BrownWith Mr.Felicia DayIt begins with the first episode of a livestreaming stream hosted by him. The upcoming regular broadcast will include storytelling by the two men, how to enjoy the audience, talks with special guests, and gameplay with the fan community.

Yvette Nicole Brown
Felicia Day

A game that is distributed free of charge on Facebook Gaming without the need for download or installation.TWD: LMIs scheduled to be delivered for four months from July to November 2022. After the open beta, the prologue will be distributed for 4 weeks. After that, a story consisting of three “curtains” will be delivered for four consecutive weeks until mid-November, with a two-week pause in which the development team concentrates on enhancing functions and improving gameplay. Viewers can create their own survivors and say, “the walking deadYou can enjoy the virtual world of. You will be involved in the formation of the world by making big and small decisions using the influence points gained through gameplay such as observation and exploration.

From “The Walking Dead: Last Mile”
From “The Walking Dead: Last Mile”
From “The Walking Dead: Last Mile”

Skybound EntertainmentIs the chairman ofthe walking deadIs also the creator ofRobert Kirkman“This work is”the walking deadIt’s a bold and exciting new development for The Walking Dead, “he added.” The characters (of The Walking Dead) have been forced to make difficult choices with serious consequences.TWD: LM』Is the first opportunity for fans to make such a choice together. The result will not only change the fate of the characters, but also their future in the franchise. “

From “The Walking Dead: Last Mile”
From “The Walking Dead: Last Mile”
From “The Walking Dead: Last Mile”

The Walking Dead is a trademark of Robert Kirkman, LLC. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners, without intent to infringe.

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