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2022.07.12 NEW

Any outfit feels like summer at once! “Palm tree” T-shirt!

The season has come when the glaring sunlight is dazzling. That means that T-shirts are a big success. So you can have as many as you like. Anyway, it’s a T-shirt that can liven up the joyful summer mood. However, I’m worried about the adult feeling in the design where only the flashiness stands out. For such people, the aim is a palm tree T-shirt that can casually create a feeling of excitement!

It is no exaggeration to say that a T-shirt with a palm tree motif that easily impresses you on your summer vacation will complete your summer outfit. This season, botanicals are so popular that the word “bota-katsu” is popular, so a T-shirt with such an accent is just right. Especially, this time, I carefully selected the palm tree pattern for adults, which is simple and easy to style, so please incorporate it into your outfit and enjoy the summer!

[バンクス ジャーナル]

6380 yen (Banks Journal / Jungle Jam)

Illustration touch embroidery
Perfect for chill holidays!

One of the island collections inspired by tropical islands. Palm trees are embroidered on the back with a loose tension, and you will feel open immediately when you wear it. The fabric made of organic cotton is soft to the touch and gentle on the tanned body. The front has only a logo embroidery on the right chest, so if you put on a shirt or jacket, you can wear it simply.

5500 yen (Banks Journal / Jungle Jam)

Adult-like sepia photo
Both the sea and the city will be awesome with Tichi!

I also found one photo with a palm tree as a subject in the photo system of interest. The sepia-colored photos create a nostalgic atmosphere and are perfect for adult summer style. It is recommended not only to wear the classic faded denim, but also to combine it with elegant linen slacks for a chic look. She goes to a cafe by the sea with her on Tichi, while she wears her tailored jacket in the inn and finishes it with a good outfit.


7480 yen (Sea Green / Tatras Concept Store Aoyama)

Instead of the usual plain T
One-point usage is the target!

If you want to casually incorporate a palm tree motif, we recommend Poke T from . Since the design is only the chest print, it can be worn as a substitute for the plain T. The basic silhouette is not too tight and not too wide, making it easy to styling. By the way, the fabric is a Tianzhu that was originally developed by the brand. I’m glad that it’s moderately thick and it’s hard to worry about see-through.

[デウス エクス マキナ]

7700 yen (Deus ex machina / Jack of All Traces Press Room)

For vacations with full off mode
A tropical one is your companion!

A printed T-shirt with a tropical feel. The body is a faded color with a stone wash finish and a loose silhouette. Made from 100% cotton jersey, it feels soft and comfortable to the touch. In addition to the palm tree logo on the right chest, a large English message is also on the back. For a dress that has a moderate impact even with T-ichi.


6600 yen (almond / tryon)

With highly stretchable fabric
Also active in active scenes!

The feature is an illustration of a rough palm tree printed on the back. One of the surf brands based in Newport Beach, California, the elegant lifestyle is incorporated into the design of the T-shirt. Because it has a stretchy and dry texture, I want to wear shorts and enjoy active dressing. It seems to be useful as a rash guard!


● Jack of All Traces Press Room
TEL: 03-3401-5001

● Jungle jam
TEL: 03-6452-5282

● Tatras Concept Store Aoyama
TEL: 03-3407-2700

● Try-on
TEL: 03-4485-0051

Photo = Koki Marumasu Styling = Takumi Tagawa = Ryuto Senoo
photo: Kouki Marueki (BOIL) styling: Takumi Tagawa (remix) text: Ryuto Seno

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