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L’arcobaleno, who is highly regarded for high-quality leather accessories made in Italy, collaborates with Makiko Takizawa, a model who is extremely popular as a fashion icon, and sells leather goods such as iPhone cases and smart mini wallets. increase.

This collaboration with L’arcobaleno is the first attempt by Mr. Takizawa to design leather goods. Featured collaboration items created with Mr. Takizawa’s commitment and high sense will start pre-sale from July 12 at the Larco Valeno online shop and Larco Valeno Kiyosumi Shirakawa store, and then Isetan Shinjuku store main building 1st floor miscellaneous goods / ISETAN seed It will be available from July 20th.

In this collaboration, we adopted two colors, navy and gray, which Mr. Takizawa has given as “favorite colors”, and created three items for each color. “Navy and gray are basic colors, but it’s actually quite difficult to find a shade that you like,” says Takizawa. This time, in order to realize the exquisite color to his liking, the color was bespoke from the leather tanner “Arlan” used by L’arcobaleno, and Mr. Takizawa himself used “MIDNIGHT” for the navy. , Gray is named “ASPHALT”.

In addition, the material used is enamel leather from Arlan, which is the first in L’arcobaleno. Goat leather and enamel leather, which are the standard materials of L’arcobaleno, are mixed in one item to create an item that you can enjoy the unique combination of this time. “I always like one-tone coordination, especially I like to mix and play different materials in one color. I like items that are simple and have a brilliant personality, so I dare to use one color and combine the materials. I added a sense of fun with it. “

In addition, Mr. Takizawa’s individuality shines in the “edge” part, which is indispensable when talking about L’arcobaleno’s careful manufacturing. Normally, the edge is finished in black color, but this time, at the request of Mr. Takizawa, some edge is finished in white color. “By finishing with a white edge, not only the use of different materials is emphasized, but also the soft atmosphere and the refreshingness that is perfect for the coming season can be expressed. By making the edge of the conspicuous part pure white, it becomes more. I feel that it has a rich expression. I would like men as well as women to bring it, “says Mr. Takizawa about his commitment to white edge.

Mr. Takizawa, who is fascinated by high technology and functional and sophisticated design, usually uses L’arcobaleno’s iPhone case and smart mini wallet.About the reason why we chose these 3 models from many item candidates for this collaboration

“I have been using the iPhone case and mini wallet for a long time, so I chose it without hesitation. Regarding the iPhone case, it sometimes takes time to remove the iPhone from the bag, so this collaboration is my own experience. I decided to attach a shoulder that can be removed from the iPhone. I really like the size of the smart mini wallet that can be used with a mini bag, so I keep the size and shape as it is, and add my own particularity. The smart key case is an individual. An item I’ve always wanted. I wanted to use it myself, so I added it to this collaboration item! “

I have commented.

[Expanded items]Back cover with shoulder strap iPhone case (2 colors available, midnight and asphalt) 29,700 yen each (tax included)
Smart mini wallet (2 colors, midnight and asphalt) 24,200 yen each (tax included)
Smart key case (2 colors, midnight and asphalt) 12,100 yen each (tax included)

[Deployment start date]July 12th (Tuesday) 11: 00- Larco Valeno Online Shop and Larco Valeno Kiyosumi Shirakawa Store
* At Larco Valeno Kiyosumi Shirakawa store, only the back cover iPhone case with shoulder strap will be on sale from 11:00 on Wednesday, July 13th.
Wednesday, July 20 10: 00- Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 1F Miscellaneous Goods / Isetan Seed
* The contents of the event may be changed or canceled due to circumstances. Please note.

[Larco Valeno x Makiko Takizawa collaboration product site]

[Larco Baleno Official Instagram]

What is L’arcobaleno?
L’arcobaleno is an Italian leather accessory brand that was born in 2008. High-quality goat leather from Arlanc, France is used for all products. 100% all-leather 100% made in Italy, carefully crafted with advanced techniques by skilled leather craftsmen in Italy. The name “L’arcobaleno”, which means rainbow in Italian, gives an image of the vivid colors that are indispensable when talking about the brand, and also says, “Let Larco Valeno’s items reach the world like a rainbow bridge.” A wish is put in.

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