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Thien Minh International Travel is a travel agency established in Vietnam in 2014 with the principle of “Customer First”. We are looking for staff for the opening of the Japan office.

We provide comprehensive support for not only inbound tours from Vietnam to Japan, but also tours from Japan to Vietnam, air tickets, hotels, optional tours, and visa arrangements.

Composed of an experienced leader and a team of young, enthusiastic and dynamic employees, we are always striving to improve and improve our services under the motto “Quality makes a brand” to provide the best service to our customers.

/recruit/images/A travel agency established in Vietnam in 2014

A travel agency established in Vietnam in 2014

/recruit/images/ Office is a 5-minute walk from Osaka Metro Nagahoribashi Station

The office is a 5-minute walk from Osaka Metro Nagahoribashi Station

/recruit/images/New office just opened

New office just opened

  • company name

    Thien Ming International Travel LLC

  • Industry

    travel agency

  • job summary


  • Employment status

    full-time employee

  • Job Description

    ・Person in charge of monthly and annual financial statements (in cooperation with tax accountants)
    ・Sales management and receipt management for group sales offices
    ・Salary calculation
    ・Consumption tax refund procedures using accounting software
    ・Accounting document management
    ・Accounting business guidance for related sales offices

  • Occupation


  • Work location

    Osaka head office

    5 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Nagahoribashi Station

  • Working hours

    Mon-Fri 09:30-18:30 (including 1 hour break)

  • Salary

    Monthly salary from 300,000 yen (240,000 yen during trial period)
    * 3 months trial period

  • Treatment/Benefits

    Transportation expenses (up to 20,000 yen per month)
    Full social insurance
    paid holiday

  • holiday

    Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
    New year holiday season
    Summer vacation

  • Application conditions

    Accounting experience (three years or more experience is welcome, experience working at a travel agency is preferred)

  • Application method

    Please send your resume and work history by email.
    Contact: Jep

  • contact address

  • HR person name


  • others

    ■□■□■□■ There is a congratulatory money system for this recruitment ■□■□■□■

    Travel Vision will present a congratulatory gift of 30,000 yen to those who are selected for employment.
    Please contact!

    < About the celebration money >

    ●Please apply for the congratulatory money at Travel Vision within 90 days from the day you receive the recruitment notice from the company you applied for.

    ●After we receive your application, we will confirm with the company to which you applied that you have been hired, and then pay the congratulatory money.

    ●We will pay the congratulatory money after confirming that you have continued working for 30 days from the first day of work.
    * If you leave the company within 30 days from the first day of work, we will not pay the congratulatory money.

    ●Transfer fees for congratulatory money payment will be borne by the applicant.

    ●Employers agree to use personal information necessary for payment of congratulatory money based on our privacy policy.

    ●Our company has nothing to do with the acceptance or rejection of employment. Please note.

    ●In the event that the information registered by the hired person at the time of application is false, the joining bonus will not be paid regardless of intention or negligence.

Company Profile

  • company name

    Thien Ming International Travel LLC

  • Branch name

    Japan branch

  • Representative’s name


  • address

    1-13-3 Shimanouchi, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
    Ookini Higashi Shinsaibashi Building 303

  • phone number


  • FAX


  • Business content

    Travel industry

  • Date of establishment

    October 11, 2022

  • capital

    50 million yen

  • number of employees

    8 people

  • Office

    Osaka, Tokyo, Hanoi

  • Main customer

    Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airlines

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