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© Courtesy of Burberry | Jared Buckhiester
Burberry has unveiled its Spring / Summer 2023 pre-collection designed by Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci.

“The Friends & Family series celebrates unity, creativity and collaboration and is very important to me. The world of Burberry is the one who is special to me and who gives me endless inspiration. It’s an opportunity to bring a unique style and perspective to the world. We are very pleased to welcome Jared Buckhiester as the Friends & Family Collaborator of the Spring / Summer 2023 pre-collection, the second in this series. Jared and I have been close friends for many years and always respect his dedication and passion for his work and his willingness to live faithfully in his identity. With the release of this unique and special collection. We are very much looking forward to sharing the results of our creative world uniting. “

Riccardo Tissi, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

This collection celebrates the brand’s house code, “duality.” It combines dignity and sophistication with a modern twist on classic British femininity and functionality. This feature can be found in colorful workwear-inspired jackets, flowing silk shirts with chain motifs, English-fitting suits and sporty coordination styles. Burberry’s iconic outerwear, such as duffle coats and car coats, features stripes, pleats, and “knight on horseback” motifs, combined with leather ties, biker pants, and padded jackets.

The Spring / Summer 2023 pre-collection is the second in a Friends & Family creative series in which Riccardo Tisci partners with exciting creators with a background. With this collection, Ricardo has partnered with Jared Buckiester, who also appeared on his runway show in the Fall / Winter 2022 collection. Jared is responsible for styling the collection and filming the lookbook, expressing his own interpretation of the collection theme and consolidating his creative identity.

“In a nutshell, my experience is simply fun. It’s very emotional to have such a strong team interested in and responding to the ideas I was asked to contribute. Well, it provided a margin for creativity. It was an ideal collaboration from the start and I was happy to be accepted as a contributor. Ricardo and I love the aesthetics of workwear. There is something in common in that. Many of my works as an artist are inspired by the masculine archetypes that dwell in these clothes. I immediately enjoyed working in this space and it was fruitful in my creation. Those who know Ricardo know that he is generous and sincere, which is why there are people around him who contribute to creativity. He has a keen eye for observation, so he doesn’t miss anything. The combination of this eye and generosity makes him the person who can find the ideas that best express himself as a collaborator. To be honest, it was a dream to work with him. Barbary is a symbol of British culture and, like punk and rave culture, is woven into my own concept of being an Englishman. With Ricardo and his friendship, Barbary has become more personal and tactical. Rave is just around the corner while maintaining a British core. . “

Jared Buckiester, Artist

© Courtesy of Burberry | Jared Buckhiester
© Courtesy of Burberry | Jared Buckhiester
Reconstructed a practical uniform. The birch brown check hooded duffle coat in wool is paired with a black leather shirt, tie and biker pants for a rebellious styling. A bright red wool and leather trimmed jacket accented with orange stripes and a dusty orange cotton canvas coat paired with panel-designed blue jeans and a strapless playsuit.

The iconic car coat, which uses technical materials and has feminine pleats on the back, expresses the “knight on horseback” design in jacquard weave on cotton gabardine. I wear it under a black leather padded jacket and a light air force green nylon bomber jacket. The trench has been rebuilt in leather to match the halter-neck bodysuit and skirt. The diamond quilted waxed cotton jacket and skirt have a fitted silhouette and are worn under a shearling oversized coat.

A modern twist on the classic British femininity. The sleek cashmere wraparound cape has a new pixel check and is trimmed with leather. Parchment gray wool cardigan with floral materials and crystal appliqués is coordinated with a chain print silk tie neck shirt and wool shorts with dark gray melange skirt-like panels. Black wool cashmere His cardigan is an intarsia knitted farmyard animal. Sportswear has been reinterpreted into a bright blue bomber jacket and a floor-length skirt made from heavyweight technical knit material with chain prints on the sides.

Tailoring is a bold silhouette that mixes traditional and destructive elements. The black wool tailored jacket has a constructive waist-squeezed design and a boxy design with colorful stripes appliqued, paired with horseback-inspired leather chaps and floor glazing skirts. Dark gray melange wool His tailored wide leg pants on his overcoat. For the evening, a birch brown check silk dress with a distinctive neckline and pleated frills. A bold fringe chiffon dress with a chain edging neckline.

© Courtesy of Burberry | Jared Buckhiester
We have recontextualized the functionality of workwear with a playful element. The dark birch brown cotton canvas car coat is worn under a shearling oversized coat. The utility-style black cotton gabardine coat features exaggerated pockets and appliqué stripes. The orange cotton canvas field jacket features a corduroy collar and contrasting top stitching. Waxed cotton jacket with tonal panels, in style combined with a skirt, is worn over Honey’s Bespoke his gabardine his car coat and wool cashmere blend rib knit sweater. A leather apron is fitted under the logo quilt puffer jacket.

The house code is even more powerful, with a wool down jacket in search of a dark birch brown barbary check and a wool and leather bomber jacket with a badge applique, paired with a leather biker jacket and pants. The “Knight on Horseback” motif is represented in a cashmere wool twin set with intarsia knitting and a 3D printed tailored jacket. The loopback cotton hoodie has a new chain motif printed on it, and the cotton wool track jacket and jogging pants have a full pattern print with crystals.

Timeless tailoring has been refreshed with signatures and season graphics. Black grained poodle wool in satin lapel His tuxedo matched his cotton shirt with a crystal-decorated oak leaf and his motif bib front. The white English fit suit uses his technical silk caddy, and the silk twill her shirt has a seasonal chain motif printed in a watercolor style.

© Courtesy of Burberry | Jared Buckhiester
The black mini-chain TB bag is adorned with a clasp featuring sparkling crystals and Thomas Burberry monograms, with interlocking initials paying homage to Burberry’s founders.

Catherine bags, signature shapes, and new strapped eyewear pouches are made from bright orange and tan leather, logo-embossed brushed brown leather, black shiny leather, smooth leather, and crocodile-effect embossed leather. increase.

The roller bag is a mini-shaped brushed brown leather inspired by Burberry check, green velvet with a “knight on horseback” motif, polished studs, and a larger pitch quilting process. And white smooth leather, showing a fresh look.

Introducing a barrel-shaped “sound bag” reminiscent of a cylindrical speaker. Made from bright red embossed leather inspired by house checks. The classic leather crossbody bag features a chain pattern with crystals and Thomas Burberry’s monogram in polished leather for a rich texture.

© Courtesy of Burberry | Jared Buckhiester
The women’s leather ankle boots have been reinterpreted, accenting the dark birch brown Burberry check with wool and black velvet. Bitter Chocolate Lace Up His leather boots feature stiletto heel and lace guard details. Pointed toe His pumps feature contrasting top-stitched denim and crystal slingbacks with leather-trimmed chain straps and links to roller bags. Stiletto heels with chunky chain straps on the ankles and his sandals too.

Workwear and hiking-inspired men’s boots feature lace guard details. Leather with bright red and black buckle straps His biker boots are available in mid calf and knee high length. The new slip-on boots have a rubber sole with polished studs. Derby shoes with brogue details are accented with archival beige Burberry checks and grosgrain on a chunky tread sole. The Arthur sneakers are wrapped in a zippered upper made from textured technical materials, and this distinctive tread sole is also incorporated into the Lattice leather sandals.

Rectangular Frame Sunglasses are black and tortoise shell frames with cutout details on the temples and orange lenses. Square optical with a vintage feel is made of metal and trimmed with acetate. There are two types of ribbon-shaped earrings using velvet and grosgrain. Chain pendant earrings with pearls swaying. The TB Monogram earrings and deer-shaped rings are carefully hand-fitted with crystals. The exaggerated design of the signet ring incorporates a “knight on horseback” design.

Horseback-inspired pillbox-shaped caps are elevated in wool and smooth leather. The leather belt is designed with the oak leaf emblem on the buckle. The leather gloves with sketch prints on bright orange are inspired by falconry gloves.

© Courtesy of Burberry | Jared Buckhiester
Soft fawn, dark birch brown, dark gray melange and black with bright orange, bright red and true cobalt blue accents. Light air force green and earth stone bitter chocolate and tongue are soft accents.

The “Knight on Horseback” motif is designed by print, jacquard weave and intarsia knitting. The house check is represented by dark brown and a new pixel check. The newly introduced chain print is used as an accent and as a total pattern design like a watercolor painting. Delicate flower motifs decorated with appliqués and colorful crystals, and farmyard animals playfully finished with intarsia knitting are also eye-catching. The lineup includes needle punches, appliqued stripes, and geometric color block bands.

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