Sound fetish sim “ASMR Food Experience” announced. The restaurant has plenty of beautiful sounds that melt your brain –AUTOMATON

Publishers Gameparic and PlayWay announced on July 14th,ASMR Food Experience“announced. The supported platform is PC (Steam), and the release date is undecided.

“ASMR Food Experience” is an ASMR restaurant management simulation game. “ASMR” is a comfortable sensation that is generated by stimuli such as hearing and vision, such as “tingling” or “throbbing”. It is also popular as a genre such as video, and audio content such as “whispering” and “sound of cutting with a kitchen knife” is gaining popularity. In addition, the restaurant’s preparation scenery seems to be popular as content that satisfies both hearing and sight. “ASMR Food Experience” focuses on sight and hearing, and it seems that you can enjoy such ASMR to your heart’s content.

In this work, the player becomes the owner of a small restaurant. There are many pleasant sounds and sights in the restaurant of this work. The sound of the bell at the doorway and the scraping sound of writing an order on a check with a pencil are also beautiful. Even if you take one order for coffee, you can enjoy the rich sound of water such as “the sound of water flowing into the kettle,” “the sound of boiling water,” and “the sound of hot water falling softly into coffee beans.” There are even more diverse sounds in cooking. It seems to be full of “delicious sounds” such as the fragrant sizzle sound of grilling fillets in a frying pan, the sound of cutting moisturized tomatoes with a sharp knife, and the sound of soda dancing in a glass. Also, such a cooking scene seems to be visually comfortable.

In addition to this, there are various types of sounds such as nature, cleaning, conversation, and environmental sounds of the city. It seems that the player can control such voice groups. In addition, it seems that the player must also handle the duties of a restaurant owner. There are also suggestions for factors that will increase the popularity of restaurants. Through a series of restaurant operations such as customer service and cooking, you will come into contact with various sounds. The interior of the restaurant can also be customized to the player’s taste.

“ASMR Food Experience” will be released for PC (Steam).

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