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Sports for Social picks up and disseminates the “feelings” of people who are working to spread the bone marrow bank.

This time, it is a contribution from Ichimichi Tanaka.
Mr. Tanaka, who is deaf, registered with a bone marrow bank and donated his bone marrow twice. He is also active as a bone marrow bank runner and has completed a full marathon.
Mr. Tanaka contributed an article about his thoughts on providing a bone marrow bank and his thoughts on expanding his activities as a bone marrow bank explainer.

Session 8

[Introductionofhighlights!】Session8“Iwanttospreadthebonemarrowbank!~Realthoughtsthatconnectlives~”From June 7th (Tuesday) to June 9th (Thursday), 2022, the online event “Sports for Social …

A full marathon immediately after bone marrow donation

In November 2019, I ran my first full marathon after completing my second bone marrow donation.
Entry to the Yokohama Marathon as a member of the “Bone Marrow Bank Runners” who support the bone marrow bank
ー. Family members and friends of bone marrow donors and recipients of bone marrow transplants from Kanagawa Prefecture and Aomori gathered to participate in the marathon, carrying yellow sashes. I was moved by the fact that the bone marrow transplant recipient had completed a full marathon, and I, who had just donated bone marrow for the second time, challenged myself to run a full marathon for the first time in seven years.
The members of the “Bone Marrow Bank Runners” bowed to the runners around them with smiles, and the spectators along the route
I publicized the bone marrow bank while chatting (no problem because it was before the corona infection spread). The members of “Bone Marrow Bank Runners” almost finished the race safely. (My time: 4 hours 22 minutes)
This event triggered an increase in the number of bone marrow bank donor registrations, and as many patients as
I wished that I could hand over the ton.

Ms. Kozue Mitsui, Bone Marrow Bank

The torch relay connected by transplanting the “baton of life” ~Thoughts for the bone marrow bank~Sports for Social picks up and disseminates the “feelings” of people who are working to spread the bone marrow bank. This time, it is a contribution from Mr. Mitsui, a hematopoietic cell transplant coordinator who supports the “Hematopoietic cell transplant patient and family group BANBi” active in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. We would like to introduce how Ms. Mitsui worked with BANBi, which is a group for sharing worries and anxieties and exchanging information, to support the bone marrow bank. …

I want to give you the hope of “living”

In 2014, my senior died of leukemia, so I registered as a bone marrow bank donor.
Like my senior who went to heaven, I would like to help even one patient who is suffering from a blood disease.
Cry a lot, laugh a lot, get angry a lot, and talk to your heart’s content with your family.
It was an action from the desire to give hope to “live”.

One month after I registered as a bone marrow bank donor, I received a notification that I was compatible with the patient. I received a letter saying that the patient had a successful bone marrow transplant, was able to make healthy blood using my bone marrow fluid, and recovered to the point where she could travel.

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Bone marrow bank Mr. Shimizu

Encounters and challenges only because I got cancer! Thoughts for Bone Marrow Bank vol.7 ~Toshiaki Shimizu~Sports for Social picks up and disseminates the “feelings” of people who are working to spread the bone marrow bank. This time, it is a contribution from Toshiaki Shimizu. Since the announcement in 2012, Mr. Shimizu has overcome tongue cancer through many surgeries. Cancer patients cannot enroll themselves in a bone marrow bank or donate blood. Still, I participate in the competition not only as a “bone marrow bank registration guide” but also as a runner to let many people know about this activity. An encounter with a “bone marrow bank registration guide” who changed Mr. Shimizu, who was not good at talking to people. Please read Mr. Shimizu’s thoughts on taking on challenges for society. …

The second “baton of life”

Five years later, in 2019, the second “baton of life” was completed.
Since the bone marrow donation through the bone marrow bank is limited to 2 times, I will be able to help people by collecting bone marrow in the future.
lost.So, I explained to increase bone marrow bank donor enrollment and help blood disease patients
With a strong desire to help as many people as possible, I acquired the qualification of a bone marrow bank donor interpreter.

I have a hearing impairment, and I am not good at pronunciation.
Because there is a problem, I am devising an explanation method. We are communicating with everyone by creating explanation cards with almost the same content as the explanation manual, using both verbal explanations and cards, and asking them to write down any questions on the electronic board. I once had a hearing-impaired person register as a donor by explaining in sign language.

Volunteers such as online sign language classes opened in January 2021 and baseball tournament support
I have become very busy with a wider range of activities, but I enjoy playing baseball and jogging to maintain my health. I am looking forward to the day when I will carry a yellow sash and run a full marathon, and I will continue my daily activities.

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Mr. Matsui 1

Notification of Conformance and Donation of Bone Marrow -Thoughts for a Bone Marrow Bank vol.6 Kazuya Matsui-In Sports for Social, we will take up the thoughts of people involved in the bone marrow bank as a series. Mr. Kazuya Matsui, who wrote about his thoughts on the bone marrow bank in the first issue. This time, we asked him about his experiences and thoughts when he actually received bone marrow as a donor this year. …

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If you have a hearing impairment, wouldn’t it be a hassle to work as an explainer like this? I imagined it without permission. However, Mr. Tanaka has a desire to overcome it with ingenuity.

It was triggered by the death of a senior, and since then I have thought about many people who have the same suffering, and I feel that I would like to continue to support Mr. Tanaka, who continues to run.

Thank you very much, Mr. Tanaka!

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