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Ueno, who received it on behalf of the players, said, “I feel that it is a wonderful picture with a sense of dynamism and reality that revives the feelings and thoughts of the tournament. Also, by looking at the picture, at that time, at that scene I was able to reconfirm what I felt, and I felt that I had to work harder and harder. “

Finally, a photo session was held by Symbol Athletes, Next Symbol Athletes, JOC officers, and sponsors.

■ TEAM JAPAN Symbol Athletes
・ Sani Brown Abdul Hakim (Athletics)
・ Akito Watabe (ski / Nordic combined)
・ Yuki Ishikawa (volleyball)
・ Daiki Hashimoto (gymnastics / gymnastics)
・ Nao Kodaira (skating / speed skating)
・ Miho Takagi (skating / speed skating)
・ Shoma Uno (skating / figure skating)
・ Risako Kaneshiro (wrestling)
・ Kazuyasu Minobe (fencing)
・ Hifumi Abe (Judo)
・ Uta Abe (Judo)
・ Yukiko Ueno (softball)
・ Kento Momota (badminton)

■ TEAM JAPAN Next Symbol Athletes
・ Hiroki Yanagita (athletics)
・ Tomoru Honda (swimming / swimming)
・ Takeru Kitazono (gymnastics / gymnastics competition)
・ Nanako Todo (basketball)
・ Mana Kawabe (skating / figure skating)
・ Wataru Morishige (skating / speed skating)
・ Makoto Ito (ice hockey)
・ Akari Fujinami (wrestling)
・ Miyuu Kihara (table tennis)
・ Wakana Koga (Judo)
・ Yuka Ueno (fencing)
・ Riko Gunji (badminton)
・ Yume Hirano (rugby football)
・ Natsuki Tanii (Sport Climbing)
・ Seiya Kobayashi (Luge)
・ Yukito Aoki (skateboard)

■ About TEAM JAPAN Symbol Athletes
An athlete who is a representative of TEAM JAPAN, has high competitiveness and human power, and is certified by the JOC as a symbol that everyone longs for. Actively cooperate with JOC’s Olympic movement promotion business and marketing activities, and play a role in communicating the value of sports to society.

■ About TEAM JAPAN Next Symbol Athletes
A young athlete certified by the JOC as a representative of the next generation of Japanese sports. By actively cooperating with JOC’s Olympic movement promotion business and marketing activities, we aim to become a leader of TEAM JAPAN as the next symbol athlete.

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