[World Athletics]Sani Brown advances to the 100m semi-final at 9:98 “I felt the rhythm in the second half and was able to escape” –Athletics: Nikkan Sports

Sani Brown (AP) finishes in the men's 100-meter qualifying

Sani Brown (AP) finishes in the men’s 100-meter qualifying

  • Sani Brown (Reuters) smiles after finishing the men's 100-meter qualifying

  • Sani Brown (Reuters) confirms the record by scoring in the men's 100-meter qualifying

◇ Day 1 ◇ 15th (16th Japan time) ◇ Eugene (Oregon, USA) Hay World Field

In the men’s 100-meter qualifying, Sani Brown Hakim (Tumbleweed TC) set a good record of 9 seconds 98 (head wind 0.3 meters), which is 1/100 second behind the self-record of 9 seconds 97, and 7 pairs. He ran through the goal in the first place and decided to advance to the semi-finals.

When he jumped to the top at the start, which was an issue, he accelerated even after the middle stage and kept away from the following, marking his third 9-second range. “I’m glad I got out at the start, so I made it well to the middle stage, felt the rhythm in the second half, and was able to get through quickly,” she recalled with a smile.

Last year, she suffered from back pain due to hernia, and even the Tokyo Olympics, which participated in 200 meters, did not advance to the semi-finals. This season he has made a complete revival. In the Japan Championships in June, where he devoted himself to the 100 meters, he won the championship in 10 seconds 08.

Strong against “World Championships”. At the 2015 World Championship Beijing Tournament, he advanced to the semi-finals at the age of 16 at 200 meters. At the London 2012 Games, where he played at the age of 18, he was a finalist in the same category (resulting in 7th place).

“It was a very good race that could be connected tomorrow,” he said. This tournament will also participate in the 400m relay. She made it to the semi-finals, which is a sign of her breakthrough in Hay World Field, which is also known as a sacred place in the US track and field world.

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