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2022.07.18 NEW

[Denim]Very refreshing! Super-light blue denim is cool in summer!

I heard that it was the hottest in the history of observation this summer, but if it’s so hot, denim lovers should wear it! The answer is “ultra-light blue” denim, which can be called ice blue. From the appearance, this is the coolest way to use it in the hot summer!

For those who love denim even in the summer, what’s the heat? However, fashion is not enough to pursue your own satisfaction, and especially when you are an adult, you should also value the impression you get from the people around you. To be honest, dark denim in midsummer is a little lacking in freshness to the human eye. So, let’s switch to super-light blue denim and let people feel “cool”!


46,200 yen (Diesel / Diesel Japan)

Consideration for the environment
Super cool color denim!

The mid-waist has a dayperd leg and a general silhouette, but it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most refreshing color of the brand’s denim, and the ice wash color is the most attractive. Because it is a denim fabric blended with stretch material, it is comfortable and comfortable to wear. Recycled materials are used for some of the cotton and polyester, as well as parts other than the fabric, and environmentally friendly methods are used for processing such as washing and bleaching.


25,300 yen (Upper Heights / Guest List)

Because it’s a wide silhouette
The relaxing mood is also perfect!

One with the widest silhouette in the lineup of many brands. The waist area has a moderate amount of space, and the thighs and lower areas have a generous and spacious design. Draw a line that looks like it has fallen with a stone, and you can wear it with plenty of street mood. Light indigo is a new color for this season, and it has a refreshing atmosphere like summer. If you put leather sandals on your feet, you can create a style with plenty of nuance.


14,300 yen (Levi’s / Levi’s Strauss Japan)

Classic model nowadays
Change to specifications that are easy to wear!

The classic straight leg and button fly featured the “501”, a masterpiece that has been loved by many denim parties. This work, which has been finished in a refreshing tone by applying a strong wash, has evolved to be soft and easy to wear by blending 1% polyurethane. Atari is also exquisitely expressed, and you can create a sophisticated atmosphere from the day you bought it.

[スコッチ アンド ソーダ]

25,300 yen (Scotch and Soda / Coronet)

A little changing ball !? With a design
You can make a unique denim figure!

This is a recommended item for those who are a little tired of the classic denim. A tuck is put around the waist, and the pocket is a slant type. Carrot style that is sharply squeezed toward the waist, and the hem is intentionally short. If you describe the slacks as made of denim, it will come out as a pin !? The attached denim belt is also a unique accent.

[ヤコブ コーエン]

74,800 yen (Jacob Cohen / Jacob Cohen Tokyo Midtown store)

You can make a clean impression with denim
Light blue denim for summer!

A well-balanced slim straight silhouette on a thin and stretchy denim fabric. Speaking of the achievements that spread comfortable denim to the world, this brand is one of them. A cool look is also obtained by the wash process that drops the tone as a whole. The clean, but never-fitting appearance is effective for creating a summer-like style with a sense of cleanliness.

Photo = Koki Marumasu Styling = Takumi Tagawa = Yuta Yagi
photo: Kouki Marueki (BOIL) styling: Takumi Tagawa (remix) text: Yuta Yagi

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