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The house's exterior.

The exterior of the mansion where Johnny Cash once lived.

Douglas Elliman

  • A five-bedroom California mansion once owned by singer-songwriter Johnny Cash is on sale for $ 1.8 million.
  • Cash built the Casitas Springs home in 1961 and lived with his family for six years.
  • Most rooms are stored as designed by the cache.

The Casitas Springs mansion, owned by country music legend Johnny Cash, is on sale for $ 1.8 million.

The exterior of the house.

The appearance of the mansion.

Douglas Elliman

According to property information, Cash purchased 5.91 acres of land in Ventura County, California in 1961 with his wife, Vivian. The couple lived there with their daughters until they divorced Vivian in 1966.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that his first wife, Vivian, sold the house in the early 1970s, citing real estate records.

The current owner is a fan of cash, but the history of the house wasn’t a big factor in buying it.

One of the living areas in the house.

One of the living rooms in the mansion.

Douglas Elliman

“Parenting in this large, quiet land was exactly what we were looking for,” the current owner, Chip Hickman, told Insider.

Hickman bought the house in 2003 with his wife, Jo Ann. Hickman says he was looking for a property large enough to live with his family of five, and his wife’s parents and siblings.

As the property record shows, it is the first time for the Hickmans to sell this property.

“Three years ago, I retired from my long career as a firefighter, my kids grew up, and I went to college. My parents-in-law died, and now it’s time to downsize a bit,” Hickman said. Speaks.

Real estate companies Douglas Elliman’s Adam McKaig and Melissa Borders are in charge of the property.

“Almost everything in the house is original designed by Johnny Cash,” says Hickman.

The turntable built into the wall is a feature preserved from Cash's design.

The turntable built into the wall inherits the cache design as it is.

Douglas Elliman

Hickman says the wall-mounted turntable, curved brick fireplace, and large pendulum clock at the front door were cache-mounted.

“There aren’t many things that aren’t original, but there are places that are carpeted and painted. Also, this house must have originally had a thatched roof.”

According to Hickman, he has made some renovations since the days when Cash lived, but not major renovations.

The wood interiors and wagon-wheel chandeliers are original

The chandelier made of wooden interior and wagon wheels is the same as when the house was built.

Douglas Elliman

It is said that the renovation of this house is mainly done outside the house, such as landscaping and fence construction.

“I widened the front sidewalk and put stones on it. I set up an outdoor kitchen and replaced most of the windows,” says Hickman.

Hickman’s favorite is “a peaceful feeling on the premises”

The kitchen features custom wood cabinets left from Cash's time

The kitchen still has a custom-made wooden cabinet from the Cash era.

Douglas Elliman

“There is no city light here that will wash away the night sky. There are deer, foxes, hawks, raccoons, owls, squirrels and beautifully singing birds, and you can observe many wildlife.”

He added that the land is located on a hill, so the view of the rock walls behind the house is great.

According to property information, Cash wrote a hit song in a privacy-conscious studio with windows.

A wood-paneled studio is said to be where Cash wrote some of his hit music.?

The studio with the wood panel is said to be the place where Cash wrote the hit song.

Douglas Elliman

“I hear that the wood panel studio is original and where Johnny made the music,” Hickman said.

He added that the studio was a place where Cash could make music without disturbing his sleeping family.

“I heard he liked staying up late and slept during the day.”

This house has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms

One of the primary bedrooms in the house.

One of the master bedrooms in this house.

Douglas Elliman

This house has two master bedrooms.

“The ceiling of Johnny’s bedroom had gold leaf in black, but the previous owner repainted it white. They repainted the ceiling of Vivian’s bedroom, which was also pink and gold leaf, white.” Hickman says.

He adds that the ceilings of the other bedrooms are all original, and the cash bathrooms, including the black toilets, are also original.

There is also a pool, pool house and barbecue area on site

The house's exterior.

The appearance of the mansion.

Douglas Elliman

“This house is a virtual time capsule that feels like Johnny and Vivian appear. I think the buyer will end up being a fan of Johnny Cash,” says Douglas Elliman’s Borders.

“Purchasers from many parts of the United States are calling. It’s very interesting to hear their memories of Johnny Cash and why they should be in this house.”

[Original: Johnny Cash’s old ranch is on the market for $ 1.8 million, and the agent says it’s a’virtual time capsule.’ Check it out.]

(Translation: Mayuko Oba, Editing: Toshihiko Inoue)

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