“Atsume Animal Crossing”, “Summer Vacation K-FOOD FESTIVAL” where you can enjoy the feeling of Korea on “K-FOOD Island”

Atsumare Korean Gourmet Lovers! “K-FOOD Island” will hold “Summer Vacation K-FOOD FESTIVAL” from July 21st!
Distribute Korean food and Korean guru T-shirt my designs! Hold a T-shirt design contest.

On July 11th (Monday), the Korea Agricultural and Fisheries Food Distribution Corporation (Tokyo: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will launch “K-FOOD Island (K-Foodjima),” where you can enjoy Korean gourmet and Korean ingredients in the software “Atsume Animal Crossing” for Nintendo Switch. )” was opened to the public.
From July 21st (Thursday), the “Summer Vacation K-FOOD FESTIVAL” will be held so that you can have more fun with your friends and family! There are plenty of events such as events where you can freely come and participate in the island, and “Quiz Tournament & Treasure Hunting” that you can enjoy with the island’s caretaker aT. By all means, please come and visit “K-FOOD Island” during summer vacation and enjoy the feeling of Korea.

[K-FOOD Island]Yumebanchi: DA -7613-3156-7625

The state of the island and event information are K-FOOD island official Twitter (@kfood_acnhMore ) and! kfood_acnh

Event (1) Freely search for “Korean food of the week” on K-FOOD Island and participate!
■Find this week’s K-FOOD!
Look for the “Food of the Week” posted on the bulletin board at the “K-FOOD Island” Information Center! When you find ingredients, take a picture and post it on Twitter! Korean ingredients will be presented by lottery from those who have posted!
* Gifts can only be sent to addresses within Japan.

7/21-8/31, Every Thursday-Wednesday
(1) Chame (2) Paprika (3) Tomato (4) Gochujang (5) Yuzu tea (6) Kimchi
The theme ingredients change every week!

[How to post](1) Official Twitter (@kfood_acnhMore )
(2) Post the image you have taken with #Atsumorikfood.

・Check this week’s ingredients on the bulletin board and look for them on the island!

Thumbnail of image collection #006 /
Thumbnail of image collection #005 /

・ If you find it, take a picture and post it on Twitter

Thumbnail of image collection #003 /

Event (2) Quiz competition and treasure hunting of “Korean ingredients” are also held!
■ Quiz Tournament & Treasure Hunting

Will you be able to find that treasure that Korea is proud of in the “K-FOOD Jungle” within the time limit? ?
If you find one, aT-chan will give you a present!

Thumbnail for image collection #010 /

7/28, 8/4, 8/11, 8/18, 8/25
Twice each day (1) From 14:00 (2) From 16:00 Invite 7 people each time!

【way to participate】
(1) Official Twitter (@kfood_acnhMore )
(2) Send us a DM with the number (1) and (2) of the date and time you would like to participate, your Atsumori user name, and your Nintendo switch user name.
* Reservation will be confirmed by replying to DM.
* We will send you a friend code for participation by DM, so please apply for a friend by the day.
* Recruitment will end as soon as the reservation frame is filled.

Thumbnail of image collection #002 /
Thumbnail of image collection #004 /

Korean guru T-shirt design contest is also being held!

We are holding a design contest for Korean Guru shirts with Korean ingredients as motifs!
We are looking forward to your application of my design full of ideas ♪
* Recruitment period: Until August 14th

Thumbnail of image collection #007 /
Thumbnail of image collection #012 /

[Recruitment theme]paprika, red pepper, kimchi, chame
【Application method】
(1) K-Food Island Official Twitter (@kfood_acnhMore )
(2) Send us a DM with the design name and a photo of the completed design and canvas.

Thumbnail of image collection #011 /
Thumbnail of image collection #017 /

Wonderful works will be displayed in the “Event Square”.
Also, the most wonderful design will be presented as a real T-shirt!
Exhibition period: August 16 (Tue) to 28 (Sun)
*Schedule is subject to change.

Introducing K-FOOD Island
In addition to the “K-FOOD Museum” where you can enjoy traditional Korean food culture, there are also “K-FOOD Street” and “Korean Convenience Stores” where you can enjoy Korean gourmet food, and “K-Style SHOP” where you can get chima jeogori and Korean food T-shirts. It’s full.

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