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SuperBase Pro

ZENDURE Japan will start general sales of the large-capacity portable power supply “SuperBase Pro” that is easy to carry with casters and handles like a suitcase. Pre-sale at the official online store will start on July 22, and it will also be sold at home electronics mass retailers nationwide from 29th.

This product is a portable power supply with a total of 14 output ports, including 6 AC outlets, a USB-C port that supports 100W output, and a cigarette lighter socket. Two products are available: “SuperBase Pro 2000”, which has achieved a large capacity of 2096Wh by using ternary lithium (Li-NMC), and “SuperBase Pro 1500”, which uses 1440Wh of lithium iron phosphate (LiFEPO4). Up.

It has casters and handles, and is not only easy to carry, but also features high output, with a rating of 2000W and an instantaneous maximum of 4000W. It is also equipped with an AmpUp function that can operate equipment up to 3000W above the rating by adjusting the voltage and current depending on the output device, and a simple UPS function that normally operates with pass-through and automatically switches to battery drive in the event of a power failure. There is. Despite its large capacity, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge.

Input / output port

It also supports 4G mobile communication and Wi-Fi connection, so you can remotely check the battery level and turn on / off various settings from a dedicated app for smartphones. It also supports GPS. Mobile communication can be used free of charge for one year after purchase, and will be charged after the second year (annual fee will be about 15,000 yen).

Smartphone app

You can turn the AmpUp function on and off.

Connect an electric kettle and dryer that exceeds the rated 2000W when moved at the same time

When the AmpUp function is OFF, OVERLOAD is displayed and the power supply stops.

When AmpUp function is ON, the output to the dryer is reduced so that both devices can be operated.

The price is 289,000 yen for SuperBase Pro 2000 and 249,000 yen for SuperBase Pro 1500. SuperBase Pro 2000 will be available in mid-August.

In addition, the fanless design medium-capacity model “SuperBase M” series will also be released. The 1000Wh “SuperBase 1000M” will be sold for 139,000 yen, and the 609Wh “SuperBase 600M” will be sold for 99,000 yen.

“SuperBase 600M” (left) and “SuperBase 1000M” (right)

According to Mr. Yuki Ohara, Country Manager of Zendure Japan, since it was established in the United States in 2013, it has developed a small mobile battery focusing on design and new technology, and will sell it in Japan from June 2020. I came.

Zendure Japan Country Manager Yuki Ohara (right) and Marketing Manager Mari Kanda (left)

According to the survey results, the global portable power supply market, which was $ 330 million in 2020, will grow at a pace of 7.5% every year and will expand to $ 470 million in 2025. Positioning 2021 and beyond as the second phase, the company plans to focus on large-scale power supply products.

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