Interview with New Yorker wearing the latest summer dress in NY snap in the summer of 2022 “How do you spend this summer?”[From cities Longing for cities around the world Vol.34]| FASHION

In the series[From cities longing for cities in the world]we will deliver the latest information from the locals such as Paris, Milan, NY etc … cities in the world, attention addresses and realistic city snaps! I would like to go there in the future when I can come and go overseas without hesitation, and for the time being, I will send it with that feeling in mind.

The 34th time, we will deliver a realistic street snap of New Yorkers. In New York City, where the heat is getting hotter, the rate of wearing summer dresses is skyrocketing. In recent summer, the self-restraint mode has continued for a while, but the gorgeous dress style that makes you feel enthusiastic, “I’m going to enjoy this year!” Seems to be a trend in NY this summer.

This time, we interviewed five New Yorkers in summer dress style who caught the eye of NY staff, along with styling points and how to spend this summer. As expected, there are lots of unique ideas for fashionable New Yorkers and how to spend the summer. As travel enthusiasts grow around the world, many people are planning their first trip in a few years. Please refer to it along with the points of coordination.

MG (designer)

Digital detox summer in a creative mode style

“We’re going to digital detox this summer,” said MG, who is planning a three-week vacation in the Canadian woods. Her fashion, which talks about a summer plan that makes her curious about what she is doing, also has a look that makes her curious and original. She said that the dress with a unique pattern she wore that day was from the brand “Jeu De Mots” launched by MG herself. Please refer to the technique of combining a black mid-calf length tight skirt and lace-up pumps with a print dress made of cool silk fabric to create a mode.

Noose (visitor)

The latest outfit of slipped western boots and cutout dress

Noose caught in front of a coffee shop and is sightseeing in New York with his friends. The combination of her western boots and cutout dress is actually the hottest style in New York this summer. The combination of beige one piece and rusty olive green boots is exquisite, and I feel a sense that is one step ahead of the trendy girls. By the way, the boots, which are the key to coordination, were given to her by a friend of mine who found them at the thrift shop. Noose is looking forward to a wellness event that combines camp and festivals this summer, where you can enjoy yoga and music.

Faravia (writer, blogger, upcycling brand management)

Wear a black resort dress in a chic style that suits both the city and your vacation.

I was attracted to the coordination that was particular about the details of Faravia, who handles a wide range of fashion-related work. She puts a black vest on the dress of the brand “FARM Rio”, which is very popular in New York, and finishes it chic while having summer-like gorgeousness and roughness. With her casual innerwear, colorful accessories and pin badges from her chest, a summer style that suits both New York City and resort areas is completed. Faravia told me, “I’m going to work a lot this summer, and I have a job I want to finish.”

Lindsey (consultant)

An advanced street summer outfit that is kitsch in all white

Lindsey catches her outing with her friends and creates a summer fashion with an all-white outfit and vibrant colors. Bringing the “All Saint” tiered skirt to the center of the outfit, the vivid pink “Alexander Wang” back and the green “Nike Air Jordan 1” The high-end street outfit that looks pop and kitch with sneakers while mixing high brands is perfect for the summer of 2022 when you want to be active. Already enjoying summer on a domestic trip, she plans to spend more time with her friends.

Masha (designer)

Naturally elegant everyday use of floral resort dresses

Masha, wearing a summer dress from her own designer brand “Sunday Soho”, looks elegant with her bold skin and is very cute. Her colorful floral dress is based on pale pink, which is a two-piece item with a wide range of styling. She has a casually grated hairstyle and off-white low-tech sneakers, which are elegant yet natural. I definitely want to imitate her technique of wearing her The Resort Dress in the city on a daily basis. She says Masha will enjoy her vacation at a Belgian music festival this summer.

How was the street snap from New York? Please take a look at the fashionable New Yorker’s realistic way of spending this summer and styling ideas.

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