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Nintendo has released software for the Nintendo Switch “Nintendo Switch Sports]A free update will be implemented on Wednesday, July 27, 2022.

This work is “Wii SportsThe latest in the series. You can enjoy sports such as volleyball, badminton, and soccer with intuitive operation using Joy-Con. Free updates are planned for summer and autumn, and July 27th will be the first update.

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Nintendo Switch Sports Free Summer Update

Soccer now supports leg bands



Until now, soccer has only been kicked in the leg band-only mode “Shoot Showdown”. If you apply the update, you can play with a kick operation using the leg band even in “1vs1” and “4vs4”.

You can dash by swinging the arm holding the Joy-Con, and you can kick by kicking with the foot wearing the leg band. Normal movement and jumping are performed automatically, so it is also recommended for players who felt that the operation was a little difficult. A tutorial will also be added.

Disturbed by a volleyball broad attack



In volleyball, a “broad attack” that goes through the opponent’s block when spiked is added. If you insert the sticks left and right after receiving, you can move and spike. This broad attack can be expected to disrupt the opponent.

S League and ∞ League Appear in Pro League



Pro League is a mode where you can participate by winning online battles and compete with rivals around the world to aim for a higher rank.

Until now, the rank was up to “A League”, but “S League” and “∞ League (Infinity League)” will be added. There are professional leagues for each event, so let’s aim for the highest league in all events.

Added room ID function



Added a “Room ID function” that allows you to temporarily play online battles with people who are not friends. If you tell the “room ID” displayed as “create a new room” to the person who plays together, you can participate from “join the room”.

A free update in the fall will add “Golf”.

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