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Boccia basic rules-Game flow

BocciaA simple rule to compete for “how close the ball can be”is. The flow of the Boccia game is as follows.

  1. Select whether the team that won the coin toss is the first player or the second player.
  2. The first team throws a white jackball.
  3. The first team will continue to throw their own colored balls.
  4. The second team throws their own colored ball.
  5. The team far from the jackball throws until it is closer than the opponent or the ball runs out.
  6. When both teams have thrown all 6 balls, the referee will judge the score.
    (End of 1 end)
  7. The side that was the second player in the previous end becomes the first player, and repeats ② to ⑦.
  8. After 4 ends in individual and pair battles and 6 ends in team battles, the total score will determine the outcome.
  9. If the total score is the same, a tiebreaker will take place.

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How to throw a boccia

Boccia is a sport that even people with severe cerebral palsy and limb disabilities can enjoy. This sport can be enjoyed by healthy people, but there are also ideas for how to throw it.

How to throw

  • Approach: Gently roll the ball to bring your ball closer to the jackball (white ball).
  • Hit: To keep the enemy team’s ball away from the jack ball (white ball), throw a strong ball so that the enemy team’s ball flies.
  • Push: Throw at a ball of your own color and push the ball to bring your ball closer to the jackball (white ball)


There are also advanced techniques by advanced players. These techniques fascinate the viewer.

  • Rising: Place on a dense ball and bring it closer to the jackball
  • Jump: Bounce the ball closer to the jack ball

Lamp Assistant

  • Ramp: In the class with the most disabilities, a player who cannot throw himself rolls the ball with a ramp (gradient).
  • Assistant: Under the direction of the athlete, adjust the direction, angle and length of the ramp. It is forbidden to look back or talk on the court. Since it will be the limbs of the athlete, medals will be given at the award ceremony in the same way as the athlete.

Possibility of boccia

Boccia is a simple rule that competes for “how close the ball can be”, so it looks like a simple sport, but it is actually.Sports where tactics and strategy are very importantis. It is also attracting attention as a universal sport, and people with disabilities and healthy people can enjoy it together even if there is a difference in age.

Understanding of “diversity” and promotion of communication among participating membersYou can also enjoy such things as sports. In addition, it can be held in conference rooms, etc., and it seems that such utilization will progress in the future as well as in terms of competition.

[3-minute commentary]What is universal sports? An easy-to-understand explanation of its meaning!“Universal sports” are sports that everyone can enjoy together regardless of age, nationality, or disability. It is expected to contribute to the realization of a symbiotic society because anyone can participate and enjoy it. This time, I will explain such “universal sports” in an easy-to-understand manner while introducing specific events. …

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